The Supreme Compromise

(Cartoonist - John Darkow)

In other news, the Obama administration has decided not to allow drilling in Atlantic ocean waters. Oil is already cheaper than dirt.

Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Times has an amazing and eye-opening profile of Marco Rubio that I recommend reading. Whatever your opinion of Rubio is currently, it will be lower when you're finished reading.

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  • Christopher Foxx

    That cartoon is spot on. I just wish a prominent Democrat had the spine to say it.

  • Aynwrong

    When I first heard that Rubio was a teacher at a college and that his students liked him I was impressed. I should have known. It turns out my opinion of him before hand was right.

    Suit, meet stuffing.

  • notoriousbob

    Yikes, that Rubio piece is very telling. Some things make a lot more sense now.