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The Supreme Court: How Does it Work?

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

On second thought, it may be a good idea for Donald Trump to outsource his Supreme Court picks to the Heritage Foundation because he seemingly has no idea how it works.

The GOP frontrunner appeared on Good Morning America where he said he would appoint justices who would investigate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's email account.

"I would probably appoint people that would look very seriously at [Clinton's] email disaster because it's a criminal activity, and I would appoint people that would look very seriously at that," Trump said on "Good Morning America" on Wednesday.

"What she's getting away with is absolutely murder."


It's possible Trump knows that's not how the Supreme Court works. It's possible he's just saying this because he knows it will sound good to his dumbass supporters, but everything he says should be taken at face value and responded to accordingly until hes defeated in November.

  • Badgerite

    The Donald is more interested in making sure we know that his equipment is in fine working order than anything having to do with actual policy choices. He has never had any policy chops and he never will.
    He is not temperamentally suited to the task. Only one of many reasons why the __________has no business running for president. He probably knows how to get a gaming license but the Supreme Court and such probably baffle him.

  • Victor the Crab

    But, but… Clinton and Trump are palsy-walsies! That’s what claude the diaperbaby and others like him keep insisting over at the Banter!

  • Nefercat

    He appears to be astoundingly actually truly ignorant about just about everything. He is so narcissistic that he has never ever doubted that he knows everything and that whatever falls out of his piehole is the absolute total all you need to know truth, unless of course he changes his opinion in which case the truth also changes.So he has never had to learn anything. If you disagree with him, you are just a loser and probably low energy also too. Sad!

    The “I will appoint people who will do my bidding” attitude is also a great example of why being a “businessman” or “boss” is not a qualification for elective office. Trump has no concept of the notion that as president, he would (theoretically) be working for us and the constitution, not the other way around.

  • muselet

    Part of me wants desperately to believe Donald Trump was playing to the cheap seats by taking an irrelevant shot at Hillary Clinton.

    A larger part of me believes the short-fingered vulgarian really does think Supreme Court justices are examining magistrates.

    If anyone but a vulgar talking yam (h/t Charlie Pierce) said such an odd and stupid thing, I’d entertain the notion that it was misdirection meant to take the focus off his violent campaign manager and his increasingly violent crowds. But Trump doesn’t do things like that.

    Is this a foretaste of what we can expect from Trump’s unpredictable foreign policy?