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JM Ashby
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In other news, federal employees have lost at least $2.2 billion in pay as of this week because of Trump's government shutdown. That's $2.2 billion in consumer spending sucked right out of the economy for no good reason.

Meanwhile, Britons have started stockpiling their own food and medicine supplies at home in anticipation of their Brexit disaster.

Finally, economists estimate that at least 0.53 percent of GDP will be eliminated if Trump's government shutdown continues long enough to see funding for food stamps run out.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said there may not be enough money to keep food stamp benefits flowing to 38 million recipients past February.

That spending accounts for about 10 percent of the food U.S. families buy for their homes, with purchases spread across some 260,000 retailers, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Joe Brusuelas, chief economist with financial consultant RSM US LLP, estimates the loss of food stamp funding alone would strip at least 0.53 percent from the GDP.

  • Badgerite

    Scott Walker lecturing AOC about fiscal realities. That’s a good one. I think it is rather instructive that he compares the American people to a “five year old”. That’s really the attitude of the gop and that’s on a good day when they aren’t being out and out racists and smothering voting rights and any other principles of representation they can get their hands on.
    FYI, if a five year old manages to get his hands on $100 you let him keep $10 plus an additional $27 ( 30% of $90) beyond that (that would be $37 out of the initial $100) for his own use which should be enough for any 5 year old and put the remaining $63 (70% of $90 ) in the bank for a college fund or to a current good use. You could tell the five year old that you will use the $63 to build a wall between your yard and the neighbors. That should make it alright. The neighbor was going to pay for the wall, of course, cause that happens all the time, but the neighbor said no so the $63 is going to pay for the wall. And, you know, if there is a cost overrun, he may have to hand over the $27 and maybe even the $10 as well.
    Cause every family needs “wall”.

  • Aynwrong

    All three stories are perfect examples of idiots fucking up their nation’s economy because of raw bigotry and fear.

    • Scopedog

      100% true.