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JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Matt Davies)

In other news, infamous shitbird Nigel Farage says the Brexit party will support Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the next election but only if he goes ahead with a hard, no-deal Brexit.

Remember when Farage ushered in the Brexit vote and then literally quit the next day because he didn't want to deal with it?

Meanwhile, a federal judge has temporarily blocked Missouri's attempt to ban abortion after just 8 weeks.

Finally, Bloomberg reports that American shoppers likely won't see many new toys (among other things) on shelves this holiday season because of Trump's trade war.

Even with President Donald Trump delaying tariffs on $160 billion of toys to smartphones to spare the Christmas boom for U.S. retailers, the damage has already been done. That’s because big toy purveyors like Walmart Inc. have already piled up inventory given the uncertainty over how the trade war will pan out, according to industry officials.

Retailers started a buying frenzy a year ago as trade tensions began to heat up -- shipping cargo volume to North America from Asia rose 7.9% in the second half of 2018, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That growth has slowed significantly this year -- to just 0.2% in the first half -- as U.S. warehouses filled up. [...]

That means U.S. shoppers are likely to see fewer new items in stores during the holiday season as retailers limit purchasing to reduce stock toward normal levels, said Rahul Kapoor, head of research and analytics at IHS Maritime & Trade in Singapore.

  • muselet

    Nigel Farage is a less polished version of Boris Johnson: they’re both long-time, lying, frothing-at-the-mouth Eurosceptics, but Johnson is housebroken enough not to be deliberately offensive absolutely all the time. Since the Conservative Party is as terrified of the Brexit Party as they were of the UK Independence Party—by no coincidence at all, also the brainchild of Farage—I’d be surprised if the Tories didn’t very publicly give Farage whatever he demands.

    The ruling by District Judge Howard Sachs will last exactly as long as it takes for Missouri to appeal to the Eighth Circuit. Of the 18 judges and senior judges on the Eighth, 17 were appointed by Rs (and are male), so one guess what the result of that appeal will be.

    Gee, not many new items available for the holidays. That should rev up the economy.


    • The Tories are already giving Farage everything he wants. They’re a bunch of arrogant wankers who can’t believe that anything they do isn’t the Greatest Thing For Everyone(TM).

      My name for them (though not in mixed company) is Fuckwitted Cockwombling Shitgibbons. And I despise them from the bottom of my heart. Just as much as I despise the Republicans in the US.

      • muselet

        I’m sure Nigel Farage can cook up some new demands, just to toy with the Tories. Maybe requiring those filthy Europeans to swim home or a 150% income tax on foreigners.

        And I think you’re being a bit too polite with “Fuckwitted Cockwombling Shitgibbons.” Not inaccurate, mind, just overly diplomatic.


        • Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re right about that.
          I just saw the news: BoJo has asked to suspend Parliament, and the Q has agreed.
          We’re fucked. I’m going to get drunk tonight, I think.

          LOL I’ll leave the really bad names to the Scots. They’re bloody brilliant at it.

          • muselet

            Even John Bercow (Speaker of the House of Commons, for anyone else tuning in) is politely fuming about Boris Johnson’s maneuver, which may not be unprecedented but is certainly rare for someone required to be impartial.

            Nothing says “confidence” like shutting down discussion.

            An outfit called Code Rodeo used to have a webpage dedicated to a Scottish Insult Generator (sadly, it no longer exists) which I found both hilarious and impressive: the creative effort the Scots have expended to create so many synonyms for “idiot” is genuinely admirable. Bloody brilliant, indeed.


          • Yeah, it’s certainly rare, all right. The last time I could find via google was in the 1600s. Most of the ‘suspension’ of Parliament has been the regular yearly holidays.

  • Aynwrong

    “Remember when Farage ushered in the Brexit vote and then literally quit the next day because he didn’t want to deal with it?”

    It’s this sort of thing that makes me think the fools that supported Brexit and other faux populist causes (MAGA) aren’t really being conned at all. How the fuck could anyone with a brain in their head not see through this?!

    What does it really mean if/when it gets the Supreme Court?

    Bah humbug, MAGA.

    • The fools that support it are the little guys who’ve been convinced that all their problems are because of The Others – the outsiders. In the case of the US, it’s the brown people. In the case of the UK, it’s the EU.

      The ones who set up the Brexit, the MAGA, etc., are the ones who use that anger and fear that they’ve fomented in order to consolidate even more power and money in their own hands. They’re not fooled, but they’ve managed to fool the low information (or faux information: see Fox News (aka Faux News) in the US and the Daily Mail (aka Daily Vile) in the UK) idiots who only read and listen to / watch the physical and electronic versions of the old scandal sheets.

      It’s maddening to see it happen, and the US had better watch out for OANN – they’re taking over all the people who are finally becoming disillusioned by Fox News. And OANN is just as bad.