The Amendments

Here are some of the amendments being proposed in markup on the Baucus Plan:

187, "Establishment and administration of a public health insurance option as an exchange-qualified health benefits plan"

185, Rockefeller, "Strike state exchanges, multiple competing exchanges, and regional exchanges, and create one national exchange"

191, Rockefeller, "Strike health care cooperatives"

196, Rockefeller, "Increase Medicaid eligibility to 150% of poverty"

201, Rockefeller/Hatch, "Remove the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) from the exchange"

206, Rockefeller, "Allow early retirees between ages 55 and 64 to buy into Medicare"

226, Kerry/Schumer, "Replace the Free Rider provision with an employer mandate"

248, Wyden, "To ensure affordable access to health insurance exchange plans for all Americans"

261, Schumer/Cantwell, "Public option as passed by HELP Committee"

274, Stabenow/Wyden/Kerry, "To ensure parity for mental health services within the exchange"

275, Stabenow, "Give states the option of including family planning as part of their Medicaid programs"

312, Menendez, "Providing a reduction in the out-of-pocket maximum for those between 300%-400% of poverty"

Here's quite possibly the most ridiculous amendment so far:

409, Ensign, "Transparency in Czars"

More here.

Get ready for several weeks of sausage-making.