The BBC Trolling for Drudge Links?

The BBC should know better. They posted an article on Friday written by their "climate correspondent." It's based around a global warming myth that has been repeatedly debunked. Here's how ridiculous it is: Drudge linked to it above his logo along with the news that the Rockies baseball game was snowed out.

Two things here.

First, the BBC article uses the flagrantly disingenuous argument that global warming ended in 1998 -- the "warmest year on record." Real climate scientists agree that it was the second warmest only because of El Nino activity. Besides, climate trends are measured in terms of decades and the current warming trend exceeds anything in recorded history.

Second, Drudge is using one of the typical "fool the idiots" tricks often rolled out by modern Republicans. When it comes to the climate crisis, Republicans like to cherrypick cold temperatures in one part of the United States and use that weather report in place of GLOBAL temperatures, which is how warming is measured. That is, unless the "globe" is, you know, Denver.

I'm constantly amazed at the right's ability to deliberately deceive its own people.