The Beck Sideshow is Over

It's over between Fox and Glenn Beck.

Conservative conspiracy host Glenn Beck announced plans Wednesday to "transition off" his Fox News program in favor of a realigned agreement between Fox and his production company, Mercury Radio Arts.

The deal will see Beck's company designing unspecified new media for the Fox News Channel and other Fox online properties, a news release said.

The release was not specific as to when he would be off the air, saying only that it would happen "later this year."

Moments after the announcement, Beck's website The Blaze, which hosted the release, went offline.

I'm sure there is a full laundry list of reasons for this, many of which we may never know, but I would personally like to extend an applause to both Media Matters and @StopBeck for their continuous, daily efforts over the past year to expose Beck's madness.

I don't expect Beck to just go away of course. I predict he will actually ratchet up the crazed-preacher and faith-healer act following his departure. While speaking to a friend of mine recently, I quipped that Beck would eventually end up touring the country with a big tent and metal chairs to give sermons. We shall see if my hypothesis was correct.

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