The Beck-Luntz Amendments

The Wonk Room compiled some of the best and some of the most ridiculous amendments being proposed for the Baucus Plan. Here are some of the Republican amendments -- most of which are either torn from the Frank Luntz memo or the Glenn Beck show. Seriously.

Kyl 371Prohibit the federal government’s takeover of health care.None required.
Ensign 409Transparency in Czars.None required.
Hatch 511Prohibits authorized or appropriated federal funds under the Mark from being distributed to or used by ACORN.No offset.
Ensign 543Strike the word “fee” everywhere it appears in the bill and replace with the word “tax” .No offset.
Roberts 137To prevent Medicare payment policies which discourage physicians from fulfilling their Hippocratic Oath to maintain the good of their patients as their highest priority, and instead encourage the rationing of health care.none.
Roberts 144To ensure that if people like the hometown hospital they have, they can keep it.To be determined.
Ensign 156To ensure that the financial well-being of future generations is not compromised by the activities of the current generation.none.

Further evidence that the Republican cheese has fallen off the Republican cracker. When they're attempting to legislate language from Frank Luntz and Glenn Beck, they are not to be taken seriously. They're the Cartoon White Guy Party. They're self-satirical. Negotiating with them is like negotiating with Woody Woodpecker.

No offense to the comparative intelligence of Mr. Woodpecker.