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The Bob and Elvis Show – September 30, 2010


Bumped. Bob Punches Some Hippies; Progressive Whining; Tropical Storm Nicole; Apple Store Hipsters; We're losing the election to idiots and wackaloons; The American Police State; Body Scanners; the new season of Dexter; Coyotes Invade the Farm of Doom; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Pomegranate Journeys and Dusty Dog Vintage!

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Bubble Genius

Elvis Update! Elvis Update! Elv...ah, that's enough of that shit!Here's a link to the This American Life story I talked about on the show this morning. It's in Act One, which Ira describes thusly:

Act One. The First Rule of the Apple Store: Don't Talk About the Apple Store.One day, Joe Lipari had a frustrating encounter with a worker at the Apple Store. And then Joe did what a lot of us would do: he vented. But he vented in a way that ended up having some serious repercussions.

Seriously, listen to it. Talk about a fucking Police State.-Elvis