The Far-Right War On Something

I think if we summrized some of the Republican actions and reactions from the last few weeks, "cornered animals" would suffice.

Naturally, there are exceptions -- Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charlie Crist on the Sunday shows today were remarkably even-handed and, dare I say, realistic and sane. But for those who refuse to acknowledge that perhaps their ideology has, to some degree, failed or outlived its usefulness, their paths of last resort are becoming more and more clear:

Obstructionism: Whatever Obama is fer, we're against it.

Lies: wholly fabricated attacks, like ACORN or the CBO report or swamp mice or CRA.

Red-scare Fear-Mongering: Lots of talk about socialism and wealth redistribution without clarifying that many of our most cherished institutions involve both.

Armed Revolution: I've received more than a few e-mails threatening this, and Glenn Beck has apparently aired an entire show on FOX News detailing how such a scenario would play out.

Seriously. The Republican leadership barely has a political message outside of base obstructionism. And, on the extreme fringes, there's the "We Hate That Muslim Manchurian Communist N-Word" message. This is stuff of revolution?

By pushing this scenario, Beck and others appear to be endorsing an uprising against the largest middle class tax cut in American history; against the withdrawal of troops from a broadly unpopular foreign occupation; against providing healthcare for children; against a president who is supported by 69 percent of Americans; and led by multi-millionaires such as Rick Santelli, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, along with congressional leaders who are only slightly more popular than Dick Cheney.

Way to go, wingnuts! You're appearing more and more serious by the day!