The Insurance You Have… Sucks

Ezra reports the results of a new survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation:

The average cost of a family health insurance policy in 2009 was $13,375.

Over the past ten years, premiums have increased by 131 percent, while wages have grown 38 percent and inflation has grown 28 percent.

If health-care costs grow as fast as they have over the past five years, the average premium for a family policy in 2019 will be $24,180. If they grow as fast as they have over the past 10 years, premiums in 2019 will average $30,803.

$13,375. And it's important to note that $4012 of that sum went to health insurance company overhead and profits. In other words, we pay a 30 percent private tax right off the top every year that doesn't even go towards our medical care -- $4012 of your money every year. A barf-inducing $9200/year ten years from now.

Your health insurance sucks. Why would any sane person want to keep it? Why aren't people rioting in the streets demanding reform and unrestricted access to a public option?