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The 'New Civility' Can Feel Free to Bite Me

The latest casualty in the liberal war against aggressive debate:

MSNBC has shelved Ed Schultz' "Psycho Talk" segment, Schultz announced on his radio show Thursday.

The segment, a sort of cousin to Keith Olbermann's "Worst Persons In The World," features Schultz highlighting a statement or action he dubs "psycho talk" every night on his show. But a listener emailed in to Schult'z show and said that the segment seemed to have disappeared since Schultz' switch to 10 P.M. from his previous 6 P.M. slot. (Schultz' move was part of MSNBC's reshuffle in the wake of Olbermann's departure from the network.)

Schultz said that he missed the segment, but that "I work for somebody. I don't call all the shots."

New civility isn't civility at all. It's naval-gazing, cocktail party liberals surrendering to the wingnut right. So what's happening here is all of these liberal shows are being forced to play nice. The Fox News and AM radio shows will keep on doing what they do. And the liberal shows will plowed under by loud noises on the right.

The "both sides" meme is also feeding this, by the way. Executives at MSNBC think "Psycho Talk" is the same as Glenn Beck telling his viewers to shoot "communist" government officials in the head. These are most definitely not the same. So Ed Schultz, with his mildly amusing segment, is being silenced as if viewers will congratulate MSNBC for it. They won't. Meanwhile, Ed won't be able to watchdog ridiculous hate speech from the right, allowing just that much more wiggle room for the wingnuts to lie -- as well as to fantasize about killing Michael Moore, etc.

Good job, MSNBC. You didn't contribute to civility. You've actually allowed incivility to be amplified on the right.