The Same Old Song and Dance

This paragraph from Ezra Klein summarizes all of the public option chaos today:

Word on the street is that the White House has told congressional leaders that it supports a public-option trigger in the final bill. Other administration sources are denying the story. It's a good, old-fashioned who-the-hell-knows?

Guess which link goes where.

"Street" links to Politico. The story about how the White House wants a trigger in order to get Snowe. Politico, as we all know, publishes anonymous rumors that shit on the public option.

"Denying" links to TPM, which debunks Politico with, you know, facts.

Like always.

Dan Burton on Air Force One today:

"The President thinks that the public option is the best way to achieve choice and competition and bring down health care costs for the American people. And he will continue to ensure that it is achieved in the final health care reform legislation."

Valerie Jarrett today on Morning Joe:

"I think the President has always said that he's committed to the public option. Why? Because he thinks it will create competition and therefore bring down costs. He's always said he's open to new ideas, but at this late stage in the game, he still thinks it's the best option. So I don't know whether Mike Allen can actually count votes or not."

UPDATE: I'm very close to ignoring any more stories from anonymous sources about who's pushing for what. This is getting more and more embarrassing and ridiculous. Now TPM appears to be corroborating what Politico published this morning!

Harry Reid is apparently pretty close to lining up 60 votes for a Public Option with opt-out clause.

But the White House is trying to shut down his efforts. They want Snowe on board. Period.

My gut reactions? I'm sick of anonymously sourced blog posts, regardless of who's responsible. And, as always, a trigger will never pass the House. So it really doesn't matter other than in terms of our mutual distrust for Rahm Emanuel.

I need a stiff drink.