There’s Always Room For Handouts

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

As of this writing, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell still doesn't have a simple majority of just Republican votes for his "skinny" stimulus measure and, according to the Washington Post, Senator Ted Cruz is one reason why.

You may recognize Cruz as one of the earliest voices of opposition against passing any new stimulus spending at all, but that's not why he's dividing his own caucus.

The Post reports that Cruz has been lobbying in favor of another tax cut for rich people.

A fight over Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s plan to subsidize private school tuition is threatening to derail a Senate GOP effort to write a slimmed-down coronavirus relief bill, people involved in the talks said this week.

The $5 billion tax credit proposal has long been championed by DeVos, and President Trump has offered his support for school choice as part of his reelection campaign. Now the measure is being pushed behind the scenes by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who wants the proposal included in an emerging Senate GOP bill that aims to address economic fallout from the coronavirus.

But his move is opposed by a number of other members of the Senate Republican conference — some on the merits, others for strategic reasons. They will need to resolve the impasse to finalize the legislation.

Senator Ted Cruz is ideologically opposed to additional stimulus spending unless it includes a tax credit for people with enough money to send their kids to private school in the first place.

Republicans including DeVos say this would give parents more choices at a time when the coronavirus has made public school less attractive, but that's her goal. She thinks public school should be less attractive and the Trump regime has done nothing to support public schools while pushing them to reopen for in-person classes. Furthermore, people who can afford private school have already made that choice. This wouldn't open up new choices for anyone because a tax credit still requires you to front-load the cost.

For Ted Cruz, I have no doubt that he sees this as a way to subsidize religious institutions.

In any case, Ted Cruz is waging this battle over a pitiful stimulus bill that will never become law. Cruz's own proposal will never become law even if he successfully forces it into the "skinny" stimulus bill.

Republicans are not serious people and you should never vote for them.

  • Aynwrong

    “Republicans are not serious people and you should never vote for them.”

    True, however the one way I do take Rs seriously is as a threat to everything I believe and the survival of democracy in the United States of America, but aside from that, yeah you nailed it.

  • katanahamon

    Repub Thomas Massie says he “wouldn’t convict” Kyle Rittenhouse, that by running he was “fulfilling his obligation to retreat.” He drove from another state, with a firearm and purposefully placed himself into that situation and premeditatively made a decision to kill. Seventeen year olds aren’t even allowed to open carry in Kenosha, I believe. I never thought we’d go so far downhill into ignorance and hypocrisy and the willful lying on the part of the right wing. The last four yrs have been a disgusting nightmare, I can’t stand that such an ignorant f’cktRd is president, and even worse is supported by the republicans..

  • muselet

    Of course it’s Ted Cruz.

    Rand Paul is too busy pushing for the police to arrest people who yell mean things at him.