Stupid Party

They’re Not Wrong

Donald Trump's top surrogates and yes-men were very angry at Senator Ted Cruz for refusing to endorse Trump last night, chiefly among them New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who described Cruz as awful and selfish.

Christie isn't wrong, but neither is Cruz's campaign manager.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign manager responded to Gov. Chris Christie’s criticism of Cruz’s convention speech, saying that the New Jersey governor had “turned over his political testicles long ago.”

Said Jeff Roe said on the Chris Stigall Show: “That guy turned over his political testicles long ago. So I don’t take what he has to say with any meaning. You know, he embarrassed himself pretty quickly in this.”

This entire election season, and perhaps even last 4 years entirely, has been one long string of embarrassments for Chris Christie. Christie has devolved from being a top presidential prospect to being an errand boy who fetches McDonald's for his master.

No embarrassment at the hands of Donald Trump has been too much for Christie. Trump even traveled to New Jersey to formally announced his vice presidential running mate, a man who is not Chris Christie.

I don't think there even very many conservatives or Republicans who respect Chris Christie at this point.

Once again we find ourselves rooting for a giant meteor to eliminate both sides.

  • Ellen Kuhlmann

    I originally thought it would be better for the GOP to nominate Trump than Cruz, thought Trump would be easier to beat. I’d reverse that now, but heck, it wasn’t in my control anyway.

  • muselet

    I’m not sure Chris Christie is the right guy for the Trump campaign to use as an enforcer, and I like to believe I’d have said that even before Christie was turned into an errand boy by Donald Trump. He’s a shouty, doughy guy, and is just plain not scary without the levers of state government to pull when he throws a tantrum.

    As for Ted Cruz, he let the campaign know he wasn’t going to endorse Don the Con, and the advance copy of his speech included the “vote your conscience” line. I have, as everyone reading these words knows full well, no use for Joe McCarthy Mark II, but he did nothing wrong here. It was up to the campaign to do something ahead of the speech (which it did, by tipping off the New York delegation about when to boo and jeer), not Cruz.

    Tailgunner Ted is maneuvering for 2020, in anticipation of a Trump loss. He’ll put up with being in the GOP doghouse for a few months, but dollars to donuts his first fundraising letters will go out on November 9.


  • Aynwrong

    Con men denouncing con men. I don’t how else to put it. I don’t what else to say.