This is the Dumbest Shit

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

What will the House Republican tax cut bill be called?

Republicans leaders apparently haven't given the bill a name yet, but Trump has something specific in mind according to ABC News.

President Donald Trump has told senior congressional leadership that he wants to name the forthcoming tax reform bill the “The Cut Cut Cut Act,” a senior administration official tells ABC News. [...]

Ryan and Brady have pushed back on the naming of the bill. However, Trump has held firm.

Trump has been insistent that the bill be called “The Cut Cut Cut Act.”

  • swift_4

    We shall call it…covfefe!

  • 1933john


    • Aynwrong

      We should probably consider ourselves lucky that he doesn’t want to call it the “Tax Cuts Today, Tax Cuts Tomorrow, Tax Cuts Forever Act!”

      • fry1laurie

        Tax Cuts Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight!

        • Christopher Foxx

          Alas, the tragedy IS today.

  • Toolymegapoopoo

    I’ve always been convinced that the only real reason Trump wants to repeal the ACA is because he wants people to start calling it Trumpcare. He doesn’t care one bit how many people repeal would harm (or kill) he just thinks it is cool to have it named after him. He’s not right in the head.

  • muselet

    [Paul] Ryan initially kicked the naming over to Trump because of his knack for branding, according to a senior Hill aide.

    “His knack for branding.” Great googly moogly. The only brand Donald Trump has ever bothered with is “Trump,” which doesn’t indicate a knack for anything other than self-promotion.

    Quite a brain trust over there on Capitol Hill, isn’t it?


    • ninjaf

      But because he came up with “Low Energy Jeb,” “Little Marco,” and “Crooked Hillary” he must be a genius, right?

  • Georgie
  • Nefercat

    Well, on the bright side, the name alone will attract instant ridicule, priming people to expect and look for the inherent cruelty/stupidity in the bill itself.

  • Because one “Cut” isn’t explicit enough. /facepalm

    • ninjaf

      The cuts referenced by the name are not actually to middle class tax bills but rather lost middle class tax deductions. But who in Wingnutistan will read the details?

    • Nefercat

      He does tend to repeat things in threes, so in Literate Human speak, it is only one cut. I’m just amazed it isn’t followed by “Believe me.”

      • Christopher Foxx

        Only someone who knows they are lying and is pathetically desperate to get validation needs to end nearly every declaration begging the audience to “believe me”.

  • Username1016

    He really is a toddler, isn’t he?

  • Aynwrong

    The denigration of America continues and continues and continues and…

  • Badgerite

    Well,,,,,, a pile of crap by any other name. Still a pile of crap.