This Really Just Happened

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump hosted Native American code talkers who served in World War II at the White House today and he just couldn't stop himself from using a racial slur to attack a senator in front of that race.

As you can also see, Trump is addressing them directly in front of a painting of Andrew Jackson.

  • Aynwrong

    Men who served this nation in it’s hour of need used for a crass cheap shot and the people who voted for Trump, the more patriotic than thou, have no problem with this at all. Hell, they probably think it’s clever.


  • Badgerite


  • muselet

    What a wanker.


  • Nefercat

    “They call her Pocahontas.”
    No, you call her Pocahontas, you nasty racist leaky bag of rancid blubber.

    How nice for the code talkers. That oozing draft-dodging cowardly slimeball informed those heroes that they’re good [insert racist slur for Native Americans].

    • Frances

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    • Draxiar

      Thank you! That amoeba didn’t even have the spine much less the balls to own his own slur. And to fuck-all hell with Sara Huckabee Sanders for saying it wasn’t a racial slur when *everyone* including her, trump, Elizabeth Warren, and the Native American Code Talkers knew right well is was. What a cowardly administration this is…no balls, no brains, no dignity. Oh, and as partly Native American myself I’m pissed off by his continuing dismissal of my heritage through Warren (among many other things).

  • swift_4

    The only real debate is if he really is this stupid, or if he really is this evil.

    • Victor the Crab

      It’s BOTH!!!