Republican Party

This Will Scare the Shit Out of You

The new Rick Perry commercial.

Holy crapyankers. This is why Perry will get the nomination -- he's balls out with the fairy-tale marketing strategy: The president has crashed the economy [insert lies about his economic record here] and Cowboy American Rick W. Perry will rescue it with patriotic rah-rah-rah and cinematic chest-bursting orchestration!

Oh, and by the way, Politifact gave Rick Perry a PANTS ON FIRE rating for his claim that President Obama created "zero jobs." In other words, the entire "ZERO" theme of the commercial is a big fat disgusting slagheap of a LIE. But it'll work.

  • pgeorge

    The visions of a Perry Presidency are starting to look like Christopher Walken’s psychic flashes in “The Dead Zone.”

  • gescove

    @Leif Holt… Are you serious? Why the hell would any sane person, Democrat or otherwise, register as a Republican in order to give that libertarian crackpot a stage to shout his ideological drivel from?

    This man welcomed applause from the sadistic wing nuts in the audience when he suggested that an uninsured, comatose person should be left to depend on charity or simply die. Paul’s own 2008 campaign manager was denied affordable insurance due to a pre-existing condition. When he died, his family was left with $400,000 in medical bills. Ron Paul’s charity evidently doesn’t extend to helping the family of a man that worked for him

    Hooray that Ron Paul opposes the Patriot Act — even a blind squirrel stumbles on an acorn once in a while. Ron “Blind Squirrel” Paul has nothing to contribute to our national discourse in 2012. Adding, I don’t mean to offend blind squirrels by likening them to Ron Paul. Squirrels deserve better. I apologize.

  • Wliberty

    Ahh!! BIG BUCKAROO Cash Money Commercial there.. paid for and sponsored by the 55million dollar campaign funding backing of special interest “Lets get this guy elected” schmucks who will benefit from the puppet show which is sure to ensue if Ricky Perry gets the Republican Nomination. They do it “Dirty in Texas”.. you better believe it. This guy Perry can’t see past his nose into the direction of the future, and is plagued with “I hope so’s, and I’m sorry’s”. NO FACTS!! If you want a candidate who will benefit ALL, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, and all others, including the entire WORLD – Ron Paul is your man. Policing the world DOES NOT WORK, especial with the method the US is using.. and RICK PERRY WILL DO THE SAME! Ron Paul will pull the troops out, bring the troops home (guaranteed!) and begin spreading democracy throughout the world BY EXAMPLE, not with GUNS and FORCE. Ron Paul will motivate the people in the US to LIVE life, and achieve PROSPERITY for themselves, and will work everyday to keep the government out of your lives, and out of your wallets. It’s about time for real change.

    Democrats for Ron Paul 2012!! (Remember to register republican NOW to vote for Ron Paul in the primary election – you will not be able to unless you have registered republican.) Remember it’s not about Democrat or Republican, it’s about liberty, and freedom, and you’ll get more of that with Ron Paul than any other candidate, lets make 2012 the year of REAL CHANGE.

    Grow in the mold the government limits you to grow in, or
    Take freedom by the reins and and let the people prosper.

    The reality is the printing press needs to be turned off, I think Ron Paul has the best chance of getting that done.

    • Wha? “The printing press needs to be turned off…” Take your nutcase argument and stuff it. What we need is an EFFECTIVE 4th Estate to call idjits like Perry on his lies.

    • Go AWAY, moron. Really. Quickly. Shoo…….

  • Rick Perry is terrifying. Maybe that’s my atheist brain speaking, but I thought we already tried a class-warfaring religious-right governor from Texas as our President. That did not turn out so well, and this guy isn’t even George Bush. He’s just terrifying.

  • John Keogh

    Spielberg’s Empire Of The Sun, 1987.

  • Ron Paul is this country’s last hope.
    If you support Obama’s campaign vision, I urge you to register to vote Republican in the GOP primaries. Ron Paul has the grassroots support none of these other candidates have. More military support than any of the other candidates COMBINED. But we have to vote for Paul in the primaries. We the people can take our country back and influence the debate. We can end these wars, restore sound money, remove the predatory corporations from our government and take our country back. We just have to do it.
    And if you are a hardcore Obama supporter, at the very least we can get a real debate in front of the entire world, on issues like sound foreign policy, restoring the constitution and restoring liberties lost to the patriot act and other legislation. And yes, Rick Perry indeed used the executive order to try to give his campaign donor Merck billions from the forced vaccination of 6th grade girls.

    • ranger11

      I’m not registering to be become a fucking Republican for Ron fucking Paul.

    • Since Ron Paul doesn’t have a snow ball’s chance in hell of being nominated by his party much less winning the general election, I say the Libertarians that would vote for him should register Democratic and vote for Pres. Obama.

    • You are nuts if you’re backing that neanderthal Ron Paul. Really.

  • Oboma did make the ecoonomic recession worse with his ultra-libreal polices full of regulationsand taxes. It literaly was uneconomical to hire someone simply because the unkown cost they will bring the following year. It was the democrats that put in the ledgilature which forced banks to give out loans to evryone in hope to raise the housing market, so i don’t know why people would want another 4 years of a member of that party ruling.

    • Brutlyhonest

      Pretty funny spoof of an uninformed teabagger!

      • ranger11

        I think he’s serious.

    • Powderfinger1010

      Have you always been this stupid and ignorant, or is it a recent affliction?

      • Either way, it’s definitely a right wing affliction.

    • Troll says what?

  • MJ

    This is what the Tea Party and their republicon lackies want. A real man. A macho man. A man with cojones. A really butch guy. One who takes no crap from anybody. A guy who will kick butt. A guy who won’t be ashamed to don a flight suit like that other Texas guy and declare “mission accomplished” and show off his bulging masculinity. An evangelical kinda guy who likes to mess around in the garage and get oil on his clothes and dirt under his fingernails and eat lots of red meat and butter on his mashed potatoes and who drives a Chevy pick-up with a battered left-rear fender and who goes to church on Sundays and ain’t afraid to pray to a muscular, manly, crew-cut Jesus who will beat up all those gosh-darn un-American wussy liberals and Democrats and muslims and illegal immigrants. A guy who will restore America to its 1950’s greatness when America ruled the world and real men worked in the factories and the offices and women stayed home and obeyed their husbands and kids knew their place and there weren’t any icky coloured people on TV and the world was white and right and we trusted in God. Yeah. Right. If America elects this sorry excuse for a man and a presidential candidate, then it deserves whatever chaos and mayhem Rick Perry and his supporters bring.

  • JWheels

    Props to the Perry team on the World War II/Cold War era air raid siren. “We’re under attack by the radical Muslim communist socialist Nazis!!! Run for your lives!”

    I believe if Rick Perry wins the Republican nomination, it will be as easy a campaign for Obama as it would be for him to run against Sarah Palin. However the one thing that makes me uneasy is that I think the mainstream TV news is not going to call out Perry on the radical statements he plans to make, thus legitimizing the far right just a bit more.

  • Sure, all of the ominous quick cuts and ‘boom doom’ music in the background of this ad will probably get Perry the nomination but then he has to find a way to explain to the residents of places like OH, IN, WI, MI, FL why the GOP hasn’t created any jobs in those states — in fact, they’ve cut them. The other thing is that Perry will have to debate Obama and he’s dumber than Dubya. As he showed in the recent GOP debate, he doesn’t stand up well to a challenge and his miserable record in Texas will be coming out. At this point in the last presidential election, some pundits were claiming that McCain’s military record would be the deciding factor over non-vets Obama and Hillary. Turns out, it didn’t matter one bit. I don’t think Perry can stand up to the scrutiny and sheer exhaustion of campaigning once he gets the nomination — he’s bound to make that one monstrous flub that destroys his chances.

  • bphoon

    Yeah, hooah, and shit.

    Someone please tell Rick (not his first name, btw–that’s James, so, “Jimmy Rick”?) that a family can’t live on minimum wage jobs any more. Those comprise the overwhelming bulk of the jobs created (read: stolen from other states with enormous tax give-aways) in Texas. That corporate welfare is one of many reasons he had to cover his state’s budget deficit with federal stimulus dollars. 17 billion of ’em.

    He also fails to mention that the net job growth for August would have been north of 300K if not for all the state governors cutting budgets and laying off state workers–and, yes, governments can and do create *real* jobs.

  • D_C_Wilson


    All that’s missing was a horde Valkyries descending from the sky.

  • gescove

    Yes, slick propaganda works. Luckily, there is an antidote known as the truth. The antidote can take a bit of time to work, but it is 100% effective.

    The fast scene cuts in this ad are a bit much. Did he steal a clip from the movie Armageddon? That kid playing with a toy airplane while the jets fly overhead seems very familiar somehow…

    • Scopedog

      “Luckily, there is an antidote known as the truth. The antidote can take a bit of time to work, but it is 100% effective.”

      True, but the truth has to get out there first. And with the MSM currently sucking off Perry and with some on the Left slamming President Obama more than the GOP hopefuls, it’s going to be tough to get the antidote out there.

      This “commercial” proves why the truth is needed NOW.

      • gescove

        Agreed. As Mark Twain said: “A lie will fly around the whole world while the truth is getting its boots on.”

    • JWheels

      I believe I’ve seen something like the kid with the toy airplane in either Armageddon, Independence Day or Apollo 13… it’s definitely familiar to me too

    • Willow Anne Grant

      I think that was that Pearl Harbor movie.
      Which is good, since a Perry Presidency is the equivalent of a devastating surprise attack on the US by Texas…

  • jesus christ. This man has NO business anywhere near the White House. None.

  • ThoseNerds

    This trailer looks amazing. I love Michael Bay movies!!!! Oh, wait this is a campaign ad? From who? Rick Perry! Wait isn’t he the guy who tanked the Texas budget and covered his ass with Obama’s stimulus money? The same guy who joked about succeeding from the union and talks about Social Security being a ponzi scheme!!!??? Just make Transformers 4.

    • incredulous72

      “Wait isn’t he the guy who tanked the Texas budget and covered his ass with Obama’s stimulus money? The same guy who joked about succeeding from the union and talks about Social Security being a ponzi scheme!!!???”

      The Obama campaign better scream that shit from every goddamn bully-pulpit they can find from now until Election Day 2012. Call these sonsabitches on every goddamn fairytale they parade as a fact.

      I want to make a damn commercial now.

  • jimtowndem

    Okay here is the way it is going to go in 2012.

    Perry will be elected to president.

    There will be a republican super majority in the house and senate.

    At this point the following will be shut down.
    education dept
    social security
    all banking regs
    the fed
    planned parenhood
    all unions
    minimum wage.
    student loans
    national parks sold to oil companies
    the fda (poison food – who cares?)
    the cdc

    They might ever try to outlaw all religions except christian evangelical but that might be reach even for them.

    When people stop getting their checks and medical help you might see some blow back but the government has the guns so that won’t go far. Get used to it folks, you voted for it.