This Guy Is A Raging Effing Moron

Here's radio talk show wingnut Wayne Allen Root whining about how he's being "targeted" by the president because he earns between $250K and $500K per year.

Yeah, they'll give any wingnut moron with pinkish-hued skin a radio show -- and pay him way, way, way too much to do it. And here's the main reason Root is a moron: anyone who's earning this much and paying the actual marginal tax rate is a raging effing moron. Huge moron. And Root is clearly a huge moron. Either that or he needs to fire his accountant because his accountant is an even huger moron.

FACT: Rich people typically do not pay the marginal tax rate in their bracket. They just don't. After write-offs and deductions and loopholes they often pay a much lower effective tax rate -- equivalent to someone earning significantly less money. This is the big wealthy wingnut scam on tax cuts. No one in that tax bracket is hurting due to the marginal rates, unless they're, you know, huge effing morons.