• the parody could have been better.

    I think the first few parts of the ad were on target, but they should have included the audio of more of the Romney clip on the 47%.

    I think it might have missed the mark because of that.

  • MontanaSid

    All I can say is “brilliant”. That ad writer deserves a raise!

  • Nefercat

    I noticed that he is not talking -to- *us*. we the people, about our lives and how he will make them better. He is talking -about- *them*, those people.

    And he mentioned getting people off welfare. Sorry, Mitts, that is linked in my mind with your attitude about the 47%. You think we are all on welfare.


    Oh, and yes, good for the DNC. Hopefully the lampoon will go viral before his even shows up on the teevee tubes.

  • Upon Further Review 980 WONE

    It doesn’t mean very much if the DNC doesn’t put that version on TV. And they should. It’s devastating.