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Three More White House Advisory Boards Disband

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Does anyone remember Infrastructure Week?

Trump’s presidential advisory council on infrastructure has been shut down following Trump's disgusting remarks during an impromptu press conference at Trump Tower where he was suppose to be talking about infrastructure.

The president only formally established the infrastructure council by an executive order on 19 July, but had asked the New York property developers Richard LeFrak and Steven Roth to lead the panel in the days before his inauguration in January.

Two private equity executives, William Ford of General Atlantic and Joshua Harris of Apollo Global Management, were reported last month to have joined the council, which was to advise Trump on shaping a $1tn infrastructure plan that he proposed during his campaign for president. But most seats remained unfilled.

Spoiler: There is no $1 trillion infrastructure plan and there never will be.

Meanwhile, every member of the Commerce Department's Digital Economy Board of Advisors has resigned.

Zoë Baird, a founding co-chair of the board and the president and CEO of the Markle Foundation, confirmed that she had submitted her resignation on Thursday in a phone call with VICE News, and that other members had as well. The president said in off-the-cuff remarks Tuesday that there were “very fine people on both sides” of the violent demonstration in the Virginia college town last weekend.

“It is the moral responsibility of our leaders to unite Americans by respecting the diversity and inclusion that enables our country to generate new opportunity and celebrate freedom,” Baird’s resignation letter reads. “In order to preserve these cherished values, there must never be equivocation in denouncing hate, bigotry, violence, and racism.”

Ever member of the White House Committee on the Arts and Humanities has also turned in their resignations.

“We cannot sit idly by, the way that your West Wing advisors have, without speaking out against your words and actions,” members write in a joint letter to Trump obtained by POLITICO, which ends by calling on the president to resign if he does not see a problem with what’s happened this week.

The first letter of each paragraph of the letter spells out "Resist."

This follows the dissolving of the American Manufacturing Council and the Business Advisory Council, bringing the total to five presidential advisory boards that have disbanded after Trump stated that some neo-Nazis are "very fine people."

I don't think the mounting isolation of Trump will humble him because I don't believes he's capable of being humbled. For similar reasons, I'm skeptical that he would ever resign from office.

If that ever happens, he'll probably declare victory before doing it.

Victory over what? I don't know. Something. Anything.

  • muselet

    The funniest part of this story is that Donald Trump (or some poor bastard in the Communications Office) insists that Trump had decided to disband all those advisory boards months ago. Yes, even the ones he was actively recruiting members for earlier this week.


    • KimberlyJJohnson

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  • Badgerite

    “Victory over something. Anything.”
    Inaugural crowds?

  • Draxiar

    He’ll likely see their resignation as a problem with THEM…not him. It’s safe to say he doesn’t believe he’s capable of making a mistake which is why he digs in his heels whenever people tell him he screwed up.

  • ninjaf

    He will only become more paranoid that the Deep State™ is out to get him, making him feel more self-righteous. If he does have a moment of doubt and decides to resign, he will use that as the excuse he was such a failure.