Toilet Law

(Cartoonist - Steve Sack)

In other news, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has come out against the "Never Trump" movement. Here comes the Trump nomination!

Meanwhile, Senator Chuck Grassley appears to be writing fan fiction now.

And finally, Ted Cruz has gone all-in with transphobia. Seriously, it's almost the only thing he has talked about for several days now. He has said so much wrong and terrible shit I actually lost track. Transphobia and Ted Cruz were made for each other.

Enjoy your weekend. I'm exhausted and hanging it up a little early today. I think we all need a drink.

  • Badgerite

    Favorite response to law: “We’re all just people trying to pee in peace.”

  • Ellen Kuhlmann

    Cruz just couldn’t help himself, had to dig himself deeper on the NC law. Wonder if his out there transphobia had anything to do with the supposed dissolution of the “Never Trump” Hollywood GOPers. Calgary Ted’s path to the nomination got a bit narrower this week.

  • I’m mentally and physically exhausted due to recent events. The ONLY thing I’m looking forward to is Sunday night and Game of Thrones. I will be uncorking a lovely bottle of Reisling and imbibing a lot whilst I enjoy the carnage that I’ve missed so much.

  • gescove

    I agree – time for a drink. Cheers!