Open Thread

Tough Choices

Artist – John Cole

In other news, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that the Federal Communications Commission violated the First Amendment’s free speech clause by blocking political ads on public airwaves.

Prepare for the flood of Koch on PBS!

  • Paul Warren Jr

    Oh dear god, now there are even less things for me to watch in terms of where I get my news.

  • Rolling my eyes at Obama’s comments yesterday, saying being a mom is “the most important job in the world.”

    No, Mr. President, your job is the most important job in the world. Being a mom is great and not disparaging anyone who decides to have kids or stay at home to raise them (like my mom), but it’s something we as a species have been doing for tens of thousands of years, it’s nothing new. There have only been 44 US presidents, there have been several billion parents… and most of them suck at it.

    Hell, my niece is a mom and she’s a complete moron, spawning doesn’t make you special.

  • villemar

    Fuck, this is horrible. PBS is my last non-cable refuge from this fucktardery. Koch + Citizens United = A trillion negative ads about how Obama=Hitler=Stalin=Antichrist=OBL=Pol Pot. How the fuck is this in the public interest???

  • Brutlyhonest

    Here’s hoping PBS will institute some sort of truth requirement for political ads …