True Principles

(Cartoonist - Tim Eagan)

In other news, it looks like Melania Trump may have worked here as an undocumented immigrant in the 90s and may have even committed Visa fraud. So there's that.

Meanwhile, the Flying Monkey Freedom Caucus is blaming House Republican leadership for Tim Heulskamp's defeat in the Kansas primary. Maybe he promised too much anti-government crap he can't deliver.

Finally, Texas attorney general, indicted fraudster and smirking shitkicker Ken Paxton is going to war against college professors who are suing the state because they don't want guns in their classrooms.

"Allowing concealed carry in classrooms furthers an important or substantial governmental interest," Paxton wrote, adding, "namely, it furthers public safety, an individual's right to self-defense, and an individual's Second Amendment rights."

Professors Jennifer Lynn Glass, Mia Carter and Lisa Moore disagree. They argue the new law will stifle discussion and the free flow of ideas. Allowing guns in their classrooms, they say, violates their rights to free speech, due process and equal protection.

We know Paxton isn't a big fan of equal protection under the law. He's leading the 13-state lawsuit against Justice and Education Department policy on transgender rights.

Paxton should answer his true calling and become a tobacco salesman. Or an inmate.

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    I’m sorry, but both sides of that argument are bullshit.

    The real argument is: “GOOD GUYS” WITH GUNS DO NOT MAKE YOU SAFER, and allowing people to bring guns everywhere places everyone at higher risk of being shot in a moment of passion or by accident. And no one, professors included, should have to live in a world where there is a constant (and completely unnecessary) risk of getting shot.

    It must be terrifying to live in the world that these people think exists where you have to constantly tote firearms everywhere because you could be attacked at any second. I wonder if they all also carry shark repellent in case of sharnado.

    • I used to be a college Professor and I taught classes that could get into pretty heated debates (Ethics, Sociology, etc). The LAST thing I would have wanted were guns in the classroom. I might also point out that between the ages of 16 and 25 is when most schizophrenic illness appears (with the average for men being 18). And we know historically that the majority of college campus shootings have been perpetrated by male college students in this age range suffering from schizophrenia. Science pretty much tells us that the Texas law is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Aynwrong

    “Paxton should answer his true calling and become a tobacco salesman. Or an inmate.”

    The most natural thing for him to become would obviously be a talk radio host. Republicans love their wingnut welfare.