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Trump Adviser on Furloughed Workers: They’re Better Off

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Not surprisingly, the man who responded to poor U.S. earnings by saying China is "feeling the blow" of Trump's trade war also has some particularly idiotic ideas of what it means to be an average employee of the federal government.

Trump's economic adviser Kevin Hassett was asked if an extended government shutdown will harm the great economy and he responded by saying federal workers are "better off" because of the government shutdown because they're getting a vacation without taking any vacation days.

From PBS:

Workers are furloughed, and right now, it's about 25 percent of government workers are furloughed, which means that they are not allowed to go to work.

But then, when the shutdown ends, they go back to work and they get their back pay. A huge share of government workers were going to take vacation days, say, between Christmas and New Year's. And then we have a shutdown, and so they can't go to work, and so then they have the vacation, but they don't have to use their vacation days.

And then they come back, and then they get their back pay. Then they're — in some sense, they're better off.

If you asked federal employees who are visiting food pantries for the first time ever or begging their landlords to accept less money, I doubt they would tell you they're "better off."

Employees who work for the federal government under a contract rather than direct employment may not even be paid when the shutdown is over.

Hassett is the chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. These are the idiots whispering advice in Trump's ear.

  • Draxiar

    I have close friend that works for the TSA in a management position. He and his wife , who works for the USPS, were due to come down this weekend. That probably will not happen because of, well, the shutdown. He has stated that he still has to work without pay and with no promise of getting back pay. He’s also said that travelers are kinder than usual to TSA agents when they would normally wouldn’t be.

  • muselet

    … [T]hey have the vacation, but they don’t have to use their vacation days.

    Says someone who has never had to work for a living. Being furloughed is not a vacation.

    Kevin Hassett is an imbecile.


  • katanahamon

    What’s bothering me more and more is that we aren’t realizing what’s happening in our society regarding politics. We continue to “play the game” like nothing has changed since 1950. Social media, the explosion of available information and the access to it has fundamentally altered our society. Unless we get back to a “level playing field” regarding what facts and truth are, (if we ever really did have it or shall I say a higher percentage of truth) we are doomed. The Right is perfecting the ability to immediately obfuscate an issue by utilizing a vast network to propagandize with a blizzard of fiction based upon their own beliefs. We then spend all of our time discussing or defending or attacking or fact checking instead of debating a proper solution based on facts that both sides agree on.

    We can’t progress by doing this..look at the last twenty years. Look at the last two years. We must start to instantly fact-check, we must condemn lies and propaganda. TV cannot allow imbeciles and liars on their shows to spout propaganda, and when it happens, they need to be called out, shut down, and the lies exposed. A perfect example is climate change. The Right has succeeded in shifting the debate about (what should be) how to fix it, to “it doesn’t really exist, there’s no consensus amongst scientists, it’s arrogant to think mankind has that much influence over the world.” Because they go on every talk show or media appearance spouting this, we have to again defend, explain, define and talk about the basic facts instead of making any forward progress on the issue. The media is guilty, and we are guilty of not demanding the truth.

  • katanahamon

    Rump (and everyone surrounding him) is so utterly incompetent, like, malevolently incompetent, he doesn’t even realize what kind of corner he’s painted himself into. If like he says this ‘is’ an emergency, shouldn’t he declare one? Is he not endangering everyone by dilly dallying? If he doesn’t declare it and it doesn’t get built, shouldn’t his own base crucify him? If this ‘isn’t’ an emergency (Yeah, we all know it’s not), then expect legal challenges and calls of incompetence, partisan politicking, etc the second it happens. So..either way, he’s doomed his reputation within his party and (if it’s even possible to go lower) the rest of the country. I love the comment posted showing how Rump solicited designs for the wall not from engineers mandated to design it for its stated purpose, but contractors. None of the prototypes are even suitable, rendering them useless, and if built would be vastly more expensive in the long run and fall apart and be unable to repel people anyway. This is..crazy!

  • Hey, I’m a federal worker!

    Kevin Hassett, Fuck Off!