Trump University

Trump Also Held a Fundraiser for Florida AG Pam Bondi

We already know all about the Trump Foundation's illegal $25,000 donation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi that preceded her decision to drop the state's investigation of Trump University, but Trump also held a fundraiser for Bondi after she dropped it.

Moreover, Trump and his daughter also personally donated to Bondi.

In addition to the $25,000 donation from his foundation and the star-studded Mar-a-Lago event, Trump and his daughter Ivanka each gave $500 to Bondi’s campaign in the fall of 2013. The following spring, Ivanka and her father donated another $125,000 to the Republican Party of Florida ― Bondi’s single biggest source of campaign funds.

The minimum donation required to attend Trump's Mar-a-Lago fundraiser for Attorney General Pam Bondi was $3,000. Mister 9/11 himself Rudy Giuliani also made an appearance at the fundraiser as a "special guest."

Buzzfeed reported earlier this year that Trump has a secret phone system installed at the Mar-a-Lago that allows him to listen to any land-line phone at the resort.

  • Yep. One candidate is constantly accused of unethical and illegal activity with no evidence of actual impropriety, and the other is actually guilty of unethical and illegal activity and given a free pass.

    It’s Kafkaesque.

  • muselet

    Pam Bondi and Donald Trump were involved in a real pay-to-play scandal that looks and smells a lot like solicitation of a bribe and bribery.

    Must be time to ask another million questions about Hillary Clinton’s emails.


    • Draxiar

      It’s infuriating to me that more journalists aren’t asking Drumpf about all of his on-the-table scams and general fuckery and yet Hillary’s emails (which have been very much mischaracterized for the sake of a story) are constantly front and center.