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Trump Believes in Voter Fraud Because a German Golfer Saw Some Brown People

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

You can't make this shit up.

During a meeting at the White House yesterday, Trump regaled congressional Republican and Democratic leaders with an anecdote that allegedly proves voter fraud is a real thing.

Trump reportedly told congressional leaders that a golfing buddy saw some brown people voting.

The witnesses described the story this way: Mr. Langer, a 59-year-old native of Bavaria, Germany — a winner of the Masters twice and of more than 100 events on major professional golf tours around the world — was standing in line at a polling place near his home in Florida on Election Day, the president explained, when an official informed Mr. Langer he would not be able to vote.

Ahead of and behind Mr. Langer were voters who did not look as if they should be allowed to vote, Mr. Trump said, according to the staff members — but they were nonetheless permitted to cast provisional ballots. The president threw out the names of Latin American countries that the voters might have come from.


Aside from the obvious, there's another really big problem with this story.

Mr. Langer, who lives in Boca Raton, Fla., is a German citizen with permanent residence status in the United States who is, by law, barred from voting, according to Mr. Langer’s daughter Christina.

“He is a citizen of Germany,” she said, when reached on her father’s cellphone. “He is not a friend of President Trump’s, and I don’t know why he would talk about him.”

Trump's ridiculous, racist story probably didn't even happen.

Langer released a statement this morning that strongly implied that Trump misrepresented the real story. That's clearly the case given that Langer cannot vote. What reason would he have to go stand in line and watch Latino voters cast provisional ballots?

Trump probably doesn't even know what a provisional ballot is.

  • Badgerite

    Question. If an “alternative fact” should come into contact with a “non – alternative fact” do the facts then cancel each other out? Like matter and anti-matter.
    Or, if you are a twittler voter, does your head just explode?

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    Reality is reality. Reality is real. We all just need to keep that in mind for the next 4 years. I will not be brainwashed. WE will not be brainwashed.


  • muselet

    Steve Benen had an understandable reaction this morning:

    Why is this the perfect Donald Trump story? Because it checks so many boxes: Trump got to brag about knowing a celebrity, who shared a bizarre and racially charged anecdote, which the president believed because he lacks anything resembling critical-thinking skills, which then led the president to concoct a broader conspiracy theory about immigrants, which in turn helped soothe Trump’s bruised and unhealthy ego.

    Bernhard Langer issued a statement today:

    Unfortunately, the report in the New York Times and other news outlets was a mischaracterization by the media. The voting situation reported was not conveyed from me to President Trump, but rather was told to me by a friend. I then relayed the story in conversation with another friend, who shared it with a person with ties to the White House. From there, it was misconstrued.

    I am not a citizen of the United States and cannot vote. It’s a privilege to live in the United States, and I am blessed to call America my home. I will have no further comment at this time.

    I choose to believe Bernhard Langer on this.