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Trump Blames Trade With China For His Failure With North Korea

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

One way to ensure that Trump's trade war with China escalates in perpetuity is to tie it directly to his failure to make a deal with Kim Jong-un.

Unfortunately, he's doing exactly that.

According to various reports, North Korea gave Secretary of State Mike Pompeo the run-around when he landed there on Friday. Korean officials reportedly strung Pompeo along with hours-long ceremonial banquets, never allowed him to meet Kim Jong-un, and finally embarrassed him on his way out.

The North Koreans took him, his staff and the six journalists traveling with the delegation to a gated guesthouse on the outskirts of the capital, just behind the mausoleum where the bodies of regime founder Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il lie embalmed and on occasional display.

It was the start of a confused visit of less than 30 hours, marked by a pair of lavish banquets that the secretary and his staff appeared to dread for their length and the daunting number of courses presented by unfailingly polite waiters. He only learned of his own schedule hours ahead of time, and the meeting with Kim Jong Un never happened -- despite strenuous efforts from his staff. [...]

As he was leaving, Pompeo told reporters the conversations were “productive and in good faith.” Hours later North Korean state media issued a statement that did not mention him by name but called the demands he presented “gangster-like.”

This sounds more like the North Korea we've all come to know over our lifetimes and the Trump regime gullibility which is more recent.

In any case, whatever happened during Pompeo's visit is now being used by Trump to cover the other side of his ass by conveniently linking two failures together.

Trump and Kim never actually signed a "contract" and the piece of paper they did sign did not commit North Korea to anything specific. So, given that there was no "deal," it's not clear how China could "exert negative pressure" on a non-existent deal that didn't commit North Korea to anything.

But, you know, even if it were true that China is nudging North Korea in the other direction, Trump would have no one but himself to blame for that.

Across the entire world, Trump is operating in explicitly bad faith while expecting good faith from everyone else. And he's accusing them of acting in bad faith even when they aren't and he is. You can only tell the rest of the world to get fucked so many times before they respond in kind.

  • waspuppet

    “You can only tell the rest of the world to get fucked so many times before they respond in kind.”

    That’s Trump in a nutshell. He thinks he can fck the world over again and again and again indefinitely for his entire life.

    I can’t figure out why he still thinks it’s 1947 and the US is the only developed country in the world that hasn’t been completely destroyed. Even he’s not that old.

  • Badgerite

    For the gop to go along with this shit is simply ridiculous. They are the party of nothing. Greed and corruption, surrender and irrelevance. This is a platform that will betray our fundamental values at home and abroad. But then, they did that a long time ago. It is nothing short of amazing to me that people like Steve Schmidt only just now noticed.

    • Aynwrong

      Which is why I agree with Driftglass view of the Never Trumpers.

      “I don’t trust them.”

      • Badgerite

        Well, better late than never. But I wonder how it is that they didn’t see all of this awfulness developing in their own party before now. It started a long time ago, after all. I saw it developing clearly in the 90s with the Whitewater bullshit. It was more than a little bit clear that the gop was “using the levers of government to screw” their political “enemies”.
        That’s what Whitewater was about. So the person just nominated to the Court is the same as if they nominated Ken Starr as far as I’m concerned.
        He is not to be trusted. And the process whereby Kennedy was involved in his selection and then stepped down so close to the mid terms with his son implicated in possible illegalities involved with Deutsche Bank and loans to trump smells to high heaven. To say the least.
        Not to mention his views seem to be very reminiscent of the Court in the 1920s and 30s. He really is reactionary in his views. Not to mention hypocritical.

        • Aynwrong

          “But I wonder how it is that they didn’t see all of this awfulness developing in their own party before now.”

          • Badgerite


  • Draxiar

    Not much I can do but point and laugh at KJU making trump look like the fool he is…that we know him to be.

  • muselet

    Look on the bright side: at least the North Koreans didn’t physically debag Mike Pompeo on his way to his plane.

    North Korea will denuclearize right after Donald Trump tells the truth about something.


  • John Howes

    tRumps countless failures are never his fault.

  • Aynwrong

    The ability of Republicans to always find someone else to blame for their monumental incompetence is uncanny and unmatched.

    • Imagine never having to take responsibility. All my crappy choices in life would look great if I could do that. Must be nice.

      • katanahamon

        Yep..taxpayers have facilitated Rump and family’s lavish lifestyle, only now after being president, more so. He’s never had to take responsibility for numerous assaults on women, cheating at business, failing repeatedly at business, purposely failing at business to turn a profit, escaping conviction for purposely running a fraudulent university, lying every time his mouth opens.. Its amazing how he represents the Republicans perfectly.