Trump Could be Forced to Sell a Golf Club After Stiffing Contractors

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Here's a familiar story: Donald Trump routinely stiffs the people that work for him.

The Republican presidential nominee may be forced to sell the Trump National Doral Miami golf club if he does not pay off a series of liens filed against his business.

According to the Miami Herald, a new lien just filed on Tuesday by local construction firm Straticon LLC marks the 23rd(!) lien against the Trump property.

According to the paperwork, Starticon says it’s still owed $236,472 for its work on the three-year project, which ended in June. [...]

But the lien comes in the wake of filings by 22 other contractors or subcontractors claiming that the Republican presidential nominee’s Trump Endeavor 12 LLC, the golf club’s owner, failed to pay their contracts in full.

Trump's business attorney has responded by implying that this is a matter of routine, saying that "20 liens isn’t a big deal," but this isn't happening in a vacuum. Trump's entire record of business dating back several decades is overflowing with people stiffed after working for Trump businesses. Trump has been involved in over 5,000 lawsuits and many of them stem from Trump's refusal to pay for services rendered.

Maybe this is a routine matter for Trump. That's exactly the point, isn't it? Refusing to pay the people who work for him is a matter of course for Donald Trump and it's even a part of his presidential campaign.

Trump recently threatened not to pay the hotel that hosted one of his rallies because the air conditioner wasn't cranked high enough in the ballroom.

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  • Badgerite

    The Trump Monster sure does make the stupidest faces while making the stupidest gestures. What is that where he is always putting thumb and finger together in that stupid gesture that he seems to almost always be making when someone snaps a picture of him. Or is that just me?

    • ninjaf

      Which comedian was it who said it looked like he was masturbating two very small penises? I think it may have been Trevor Noah. And now, when I see Trump do that, that is all I can think. LOL

      • Badgerite

        LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I hadn’t heard that one.

        • ninjaf

          Glad to share the joy! 🙂

  • muselet

    Alan Garten, Trump’s business attorney, pointed out that 18 of the 23 liens filed against the Doral owner have been satisfied.

    “Payments have been made,” Garten said. “On a project of this magnitude with hundreds of contractors, 20 liens isn’t a big deal. It’s a complicated project, and what’s important is the fact things are getting paid.”

    Okay. “Hundreds” implies multiple hundreds, so let’s assume there were five hundred companies working on the Doral project at one time or another, which is not impossible. Having 23 liens filed means just shy of 22% of contractors and subs have filed, or a bit over one in five (obviously the percentage goes up if there were fewer contractors, down if there were more). That sounds like a big deal to me.

    Why anyone would choose to do business with Trump or a Trump-owned business is a mystery to me.


    • JMAshby

      If it’s actually normal to have that many liens placed against a single project over unpaid fees, it’s news to me. I do believe it’s normal for Trump and the record says as much.