Trump University

Trump Gave Money to Citizens United to Challenge New York AG Investigating Trump U.

While Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi decided to drop the state's investigation of Trump University after receiving a $25,000 donation from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's foundation, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman did not drop his investigation.

Not coincidentally, Trump's foundation handed $100,000 over to Citizens United chairman David Bossie who used the money to fight Attorney General Schneiderman in court.

A review of tax returns filed by the Trump Foundation shows that the 2014 donation to Bossie’s Citizens United Foundation was by far the largest it gave to any organization that year, substantially exceeding its contributions to more traditional charities, such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (which got $50,000), the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ($25,000) and the Police Athletic League ($25,000).

It was also the first time the Citizens United Foundation had ever received funding from Trump’s charity.

Bossie's lawsuit, which sought to prevent Schneiderman from requiring nonprofits like Trump's foundation to disclose their donors to the New York State Charities Bureau, was dismissed by a federal judge.

Here's another thing that's not a coincidence: David Bossie is now Trump's deputy campaign manager.

To refer to Trump's foundation as a "charity" is absurd. It's not clear if what he's done is even legal. The foundation was forced to pay a fine for the donation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, but this is another matter entirely. Non-profits are required to spend a majority of their funds on actual charity. Funding legal campaigns against your opponents is not charity.

If Trump is not the most corrupt man to ever run for president, I don't know who is.

  • muselet

    Donald Trump sure does have a strange definition of “charity,” doesn’t he?


  • Badgerite

    Yes. “Lock her up”, indeed. This guy has been allowed to slide on every God damned illegal, immoral awful thing he has ever done his whole life. Born into a small fortune, he was such a terrible, profligate businessman and eventual fraudster that no American banks would even lend to him. Rather than him paying the price for his own bad business practices other people always have. Banks, shareholders, contractors. Anyone who actually believes that they can “make a deal” with this guy ( cough, Paul Ryan, cough ) deserves exactly what they get. There is a reason that trump liked Roy Cohen so much. Cohen was an expert at avoiding any kind of legal or any other kind of accountability at all costs. The New York Bar Association was so afraid of him they didn’t move to disbar him until he was dying of HIV.

  • Victor the Crab

    Drumph stands a good chance of becoming the most corrupt human being in history to be elected President of the United States, because the gloriously useless Mainstream Media wants its precious horserace. And because they’ve developed quite a taste for Ass of Drumph.

  • fry1laurie

    Just think of the crap he could get up to with the resources of the federal government behind him. Watergate, we hardly knew ye.

  • Aynwrong

    Any accurate description of the Trump campaign must include the word projection. He literally accuses Hillary Clinton of everything he’s clearly guilty of and then our media sits in the middle and bemoans “the race to the bottom” and mumbles out some nonsense about “both sides” (I’m looking at you Chuck Todd).

    My father always told me that the first Presidential candidate he ever voted for was Barry Goldwater and that he did so because he was “As honest as the day is long.” That’s probably more than a little naive (Sorry Dad, I think Barry was his Bernie) but it’s become undeniably obvious that Trump is as corrupt as the day is long.