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Trump Has Imaginary Conversations With Imaginary Friends

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump boasted that the head of the Boy Scouts called him up to say how wonderful his speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree was, but that apparently never happened.

Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh actually apologized for Trump's embarrassing speech and the Boy Scouts say no one from the organization called the White House.

“We are unaware of any such call,” the Boy Scouts responded in a statement. It specified that neither of the organization’s two top leaders — President Randall Stephenson and Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh — had placed such a call.

Surbaugh apologized last week to members of the scouting community who were offended by the political rhetoric in Trump’s July 24 speech in West Virginia.

Meanwhile, Trump also recently claimed that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto called him to say how wonderful his anti-immigration policy is.

I don't think we need confirmation that that's bullshit, but here it is:

Mexico's Foreign Relations Department said in a statement late Monday that Pena Nieto "has not had any recent telephone communication with President Donald Trump." [...]

An American official confirmed that no telephone conversation recently occurred between Trump and Pena Nieto.

The suggestion became an issue, however, as Mexican opposition legislators jumped on Trump's account and complained about what sounded like a "secret phone call" between the pair, and the idea of Pena Nieto praising Trump on migration.

I would say Trump is just lying, but I don't know if it's that simple.

How do we know he's not hallucinating these conversations? Are we sure he isn't delusional? Is he mentally competent? Is he being prank called on his insecure tweeting phone? He could be both a liar and delusional.

  • Aynwrong

    “I wouldn’t say it was a lie.”

    ~ White House press secretary

    “The law of gravity is nonsense. No such law exists.”

  • muselet

    The way Donald Trump made his way in the world of real estate development was to bluff and bluster and bullshit at warp speed. Telling another developer or a balky elected official you’ve just gotten off the phone with the mayor or the governor or whoever is just another way to gain a negotiating advantage.

    That tactic doesn’t work very well—or at all—when the person he’s talking about explicitly refutes his claim, but he doesn’t know how to behave differently. It’s not a question of lying or mental competence, it’s a matter of mental flexibility, and Trump has none.


    • ninjaf

      But his lying reflex is in perfect working condition, apparently.

  • Badgerite

    Ok. That’s even worse. What is she “saying” then? #25thAmendment?

  • Username1016

    Don’t forget he discussed the trangender ban with “his generals” except it seems he didn’t.

    • Christopher Foxx

      No “seems”. He didn’t.

  • Michael B. Conway

    It’s the Syphilis.

    • 1933john

      LOL on this one, it made me recall the “Mom and Dad”
      movie of the forties at the local “Roach House”.