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Trump Has Monday Morning Meltdown, Doesn’t Know What’s in His Orders

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump kicked off the week in his usual fashion this morning with a public Twitter meltdown.

Among other things, Trump directed his ire at his Muslim Ban that's been held up in court for reasons that Trump himself made clear.

There are other problems here, but here's the obvious one: Trump signed it! "They" did not.

He signed the "watered down, politically correct version" of the Muslim Ban which actually isn't politically correct or necessarily watered down. But whatever your opinion of it may be, Trump is the one who signed it.

Here's the other problem:

One of the biggest reasons Trump's ban has been blocked in court is because he keeps calling it a "ban." Both on the campaign trail in 2016, during interviews after his inauguration, and on Twitter at least once a week, Trump refers to it as a "ban."

As Trump himself helpfully points out, "the lawyers" have tried to make the case that it isn't a ban, but it is. Those would be his lawyers, by the way, and they've followed his direction.

Trump also attacked the mayor of London this morning, but that's another topic for later.

  • Nefercat

    “The Justice Dept. should ask for an expedited hearing of the watered down Travel Ban before the Supreme Court – & seek much tougher version!”
    Who the hell does he think would provide a “much tougher version”? EO fairies? SCOTUS? FFS, Dubya is Churchill next to this caterwauling moron.

    You want a tougher version, write it up and sign it (AFTER consulting with actual constitutional experts) and see what happens. You great lumbering pile of steaming stupid.

    • Victor the Crab

      I’m going to use “great lumbering pile of steaming stupid” on the next troll that dares spread it’s ignorance.

  • Aynwrong

    Trump simply can’t help himself. He’s a grown man who has never been told “NO” and the result is a 70 year old who throws temper tantrums. The only chance the ban had was pretending that it wasn’t a ban but this naturally offends Trump because it is only his greatness he’s interested in promoting, not an actual agenda.

    “Mr President, did you just call your executive order a travel ban?”

  • muselet

    Two possible explanations present themselves:

    1) Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to signal his base once again that he shares their irrational fear of Muslims.

    2) Donald Trump has taken leave of his senses.


    • Nefercat

      I will vote for 1 and 2.

    • The 2nd one presumes facts not in evidence

      • muselet

        Donald Trump has always been a self-promoting, proudly-ignorant, bigoted lout, but he seemed about as sane as a rich person can be until the past decade or so. He started to come off his hinges when he went full-birfer and it’s been downhill since then.

        It’s also possible I simply paid as little attention as possible to the pronouncements of the short-fingered vulgarian unitl he fluked his way into the White House.


        • Tony Lavely

          Is it bad that I pay no attention to the “pronouncements of the short-fingered vulgarian” even now?
          Without apology, I have no intention of paying attention to anything coming from the Executive Branch; they are all tarred by the Orange Tweeter’s miasma.

          • muselet

            Nope. I only wish I had your discipline.


        • I think he lost his mind before he was elected….probably around the time of the birther crap. Whether it was to dementia or alzheimer’s or whatever, who knows.

    • ProudLiberalAlways

      May I have A & B today? Of course, for the 2nd one to be a thing, Rump would first have to have some sense! I wouldn’t bet my life on that!

  • I keep saying, Trump has failed at everything he’s done before, he’ll fail at presiding. That’s what I see when n those tweets. The tragedy is, when you are a statesman, failure, misrule is measured in lives.

    Off topic, a change the Trump era has engendered in myself, that I’ve noticed, I keep getting this attitude of “I’m right, you are wrong,” when I disagree with people. I haven’t said that to anyone out loud during an argument, but I can just feel my head going there. I don’t like it because I know such an attitude can only lead to embarrassment, and worse.

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  • He is completely uncontrollable. Everyone who thought that wiser, more experienced people would be able to reign him in are nincompoops.

    • Scopedog
    • Victor the Crab

      The biggest nincompoops: The Liberally Biased Mainstream Media™.

      • Indeed. So long as the great Orange Shitgibbon doesn’t beshit himself, they’re willing to declare him “presidential” and even if he does soil his pampers, well cooler heads will prevail. Until they don’t and then it’s too effing late, of course. The Fourth Estate has become practically useless.