Election 2016 Racism

Trump Hires a Racist Provocateur for His Election Monitoring Operation

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

GOP nominee Donald Trump tells us the 2016 election has been "rigged" by the media, minority voters and space aliens and, to that end, his campaign has sought to create an election monitoring force of racists who've signed themselves up to break federal law by intimidating voters.

It's only fitting that Trump would hire the father of modern conservative voter fraud folklore to run this operation.

Donald Trump’s “election protection” effort will be run by Mike Roman, a Republican operative best known for promoting a video of apparent voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers outside a polling place in 2008. [...]

Multiple sources have confirmed to the Guardian that Roman, who also previously ran the Koch network’s now defunct internal intelligence agency, will oversee the Trump campaign’s efforts to monitor polling places for any signs of voter fraud.

Roman undoubtedly knows voter fraud is virtually non-existent, but I'm sure the idea sounds very sexy to Donald Trump who is now paying Roman to protect his campaign from a non-existent threat.

One wonders to what extent Trump personally believes the election will be rigged, and to what extent others close to him have told him it will be rigged so they can assuage his ego and extract cash from him.

We know Trump is both an immense idiot and a racist, making it extraordinarily easy to take advantage of him. Those closest to Trump, such as Breitbart chief Stephen Bannon, have been pushing voter fraud stories for most of the past decade. They've made a lot of money for themselves by pushing these stories.

  • ninjaf

    Somebody should tell Trump this is not the “ground game” that political pundits are saying he needs to improve in order to win.

  • muselet

    [Mike] Roman is to oversee poll-watching efforts as Trump undertakes an unprecedented effort by a major party nominee by calling into question the legitimacy of the popular vote weeks before election day.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Roman is best known for his role in promoting a video that showed two members of the New Black Panthers – a fringe group that claims descent from the 1960s radicals – standing outside a Philadelphia polling place dressed in uniforms, with one carrying a nightstick. Police are called and the two men leave.

    Once more, with feeling: two uniformed chowderheads stood on a sidewalk while people go into the building behind them with barely a sideways look, yet Mike Roman—and the hysterical ninnies hosting Fox News Channel programs—want us to believe they were engaged in “voter intimidation.” Who the hell were they supposedly intimidating?

    No wonder Donald Trump wants this clownshoe on his team: when Trump loses the election, Roman will help Combover Caligula burn the place to the ground.


  • Georgie
  • Aynwrong

    Mike Roman used to work for the Koch brothers. The same Koch bros who have refused to support to support Trump. I swear sometimes I think the GOP and the Conservative Movement is nothing more that a welfare network for amoral scumbags.