Trump is One of China’s Biggest Customers

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump says you should "buy American" and he has repeatedly escalated his rhetoric toward China which he blames for the coronavirus pandemic, but that has not stopped him from being one of China's biggest customers.

According to customs reports reviewed by CNN, Trump's properties have imported more Chinese goods than you will ever purchase in your entire lifetime and they did it just the last year alone.

Trump's properties imported two tons of Chinese goods as recently as May while he was pointing fingers at China.

Since September of last year, Trump properties in the US have imported more than eight tons of goods from China, CNN has learned by reviewing US customs data compiled by ImportGenius, which tracks information companies are legally bound to provide to US customs when they import goods to the US. The imports have arrived to decorate his properties while the President has sought to dress down China.

More than six tons of tables were delivered to Trump International Hotel in New York last fall. On the same day, Trump tweeted, "We are doing very well in our negotiations with China."

A shipment of two tons of wooden and glass showcase cabinets arrived at the Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles from Shanghai just two months ago. Meanwhile Trump has increasingly gone after China for the country's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump tweeted about the "incompetence of China" and accused them of "mass Worldwide killing" two days after the cabinets arrived in LA.

Suburban wine moms ordering counterfeit luxury purses got nothin' on the pipeline of Chinese-made goods flowing to Trump's golf clubs.

In context, this is even more amusing. Trump has imported six tons of Chinese-made wooden tables while he has imposed tariffs on many wooden goods on behalf of a small number of American lobbyists in the industry. Those tariffs are still on the books today during the pandemic.

As soon as he's out of office, I expect Trump will try to open a resort in China.

  • muselet

    Further proof, if such were needed, that much of Donald Trump’s noisy forever trade war with China is what in professional wrestling is called “kayfabe,” the portrayal of staged events as real.

    Trump doesn’t actually care about what China may or may not be doing as long as he gets what he wants, in this case, eight tons of wooden tables and display cabinets. I’d wager he even got a handy discount on the price.

    And yeah, he’s definitely going to throw up an ugly and shoddily-built Trump-branded hotel in China as soon as he can. It will open the same day as Trump Hotel and Casino, Pyongyang.


    • Draxiar

      I was thinking something similar. Like, after the tragic play the actors go out for drinks, trade jokes, and gossip about life inside the Globe Theater and the audience only ever sees the play.

  • Georgie