Election 2016

Trump Isn’t Paying Some Staffers. This is News to Some of Them.

Donald Trump is running his campaign exactly like his businesses, meaning he's funneling proceeds to his family and not paying his employees.

The Trump campaign has not spent nearly as much money as it has raised and one reason why is because he isn't paying all of his staffers. At least 10 of his former staff members haven't been paid and it seems fairly clearly that some of them didn't know they would never be paid.

The Trump campaign said the Reuters' reporting was "sloppy at best" but declined to elaborate.

One of the 10 who were unpaid, Michael Caputo, told a Buffalo radio station in June after he resigned from the campaign, that he was not volunteering. Rather, he said he just had not gotten paid. Caputo confirmed to Reuters on Thursday that the Trump campaign has still not paid his invoices.

To put this in perspective, 10 staffers would account for nearly a third of his entire campaign. We don't know how many staffers Trump has right now, but at one point over the Summer he had less than 30.

If I were Caputo or any of these other staffers, I wouldn't hold my breath in anticipation.

The Trump campaign has opened a handful of field offices in several states, but as far as we know they're staffed entirely by volunteers, if at all. If you want to volunteer to work at one of these offices, you'll need to sign an NDA that prohibits you from ever speaking out against the Trumps.

  • muselet

    Donald Trump has a habit of not paying employees or contractors what they’re owed, and has never had to worry about the PR fallout. Now, when it’s his presidential campaign doing the stiffing, he’s shocked that the press—Reuters, at least—is paying attention.

    Watch for Reuters to be banned from future Trump events.


  • Aynwrong

    A guy who defines himself as the saviour of America from vile immigrants who had the building that bears his gold plated name built by immigrants that he had deported back to Poland to avoid paying after he tried paying them with vodka stiffed you?!?


  • Nefercat

    “At least 10 of his former staff members haven’t been paid and it seems fairly clearly that some of them didn’t know they would never be paid.”
    Well then, they are morons. There have been plenty of stories and not just recently, either, about how he routinely screws over anybody he owes money to. In other words, he nothing but a thief.

    Had they done their due diligence before trying to put the Orange Buffoon into the presidency, they would have known better than to work one minute for him.

    I wonder if the non-disclosure agreements hold up if the terms of your employment (a paycheck) are never carried out?

    • Aynwrong

      Bubble dwellers.

    • I wouldn’t put I past the orange buffoon to write into an NDA that nothing voids it

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    Oh, goody. Sign me right up.