Trump May Have a New Mission for Border Troops

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Although the active duty service members Trump has deployed to the border have found little to do other than clear brush and string razor wire along small sections of the border, Trump is considering deploying more troops to the border.

The good or bad news for these new troops, depending on your perspective, is that they will have a new mission -- looking at some empty lots.

Potential new projects for the troops that were mentioned Tuesday, according to the three officials — two from the Pentagon and one from Homeland Security — also included conducting assessments of the land before the construction of new tent cities in El Paso and Donna, Texas. They would also be used in assessments before construction of a new central processing center for migrants in El Paso, said the DHS official.

NBC News also reports that the White House has asked if the new service members could be used to build new camps, not just survey the land, but they've reportedly been advised by multiple agencies that asking the military to run the camps would be illegal.

In any case, it strikes me that Republicans ask the military to do nation-building every time they're in control of the White House, but this time they're asking them to do it here on at home along our southern border.

Republicans use the military like a private contractor while declaring that we must "support the troops."

  • Badgerite

    Jesus. They are planning to deport and 11 year old girl, alone because some clerk at the immigration hearing forget to put her name in the paperwork for asylum. Her mother and siblings are here. Her they are deporting.
    This is cruel, and a pointless, and most assuredly unGodly group of people in the Oval Office and they need to be kicked out of there. FFFFF them.

  • muselet

    Yet more proof, if such were needed, that Donald Trump and his administration consider the rule of law a mere nuisance.

    “Support the troops,” my foot.


  • Ceoltoir

    When the republican trash say “Support the troops” what they are really saying is “Shut the fuck up.”

  • Nefercat

    I’ll support the troops, but never their commander-in-chief*. Or any of his inhuman thugs and goons.