Trump May Sabotage Isolation Efforts

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

While most of the country goes into isolation and lockdown with the largest concern being the health of older or more physically vulnerable people, Trump's primary concern is getting reelected.

It seems likely that 15 days of isolation will not be sufficient, but sources who spoke to CNN say Trump may call for restarting the economy sooner rather than later.

Aides say Trump is itching for the guidelines to be eased at the end of the 15-day period, but realistically there are few health experts who think that's enough time to know whether the measures he announced last week will suffice.

Trump and some of his top officials are growing more anxious with social distancing guidelines put in place to combat the coronavirus, sources close to the White House effort said. One senior official said the President is losing patience with the period of national self-isolation that has frozen the US economy. [...]

Discussions are already underway with advisers over what to do at the end of the 15 days. Trump very much wants to get people back to work, but his medical advisers continue to tell him the country has a way to go before emerging from the worst of the outbreak, a source familiar with the matter said.

The CDC's guidelines for self-isolation have only been in place for one week during a pandemic that could possibly circulate multiple times over the next year and Trump is "losing patience" with it.

I think it's obvious what Trump is really worried about. He's not worried about public health or lives lost; he's worried about getting reelected in November. What he's "losing patience" with is anything that makes it less likely that he'll win. That's all that matters.

That is undoubtedly true for those advising him as well, although their primary concern may be their own net worth and stock portfolios, not the election.

We are governed by lizards who believe people should literally be sacrificed for the good of the market. And you know what? It may be the case that the virus ultimately sickens and kills more Republicans and conservatives because they're the ones who are going to listen to Trump when he says the coast is clear.

  • Christopher Foxx

    It may be the case that the virus ultimately sickens and kills more Republicans and conservatives because they’re the ones who are going to listen to Trump when he says the coast is clear.

    Could make it all worth it.

  • Draxiar

    I have nothing to add to any of what’s been stated at the time of me writing this. You’ve all said what I’m thinking…and even things I hadn’t considered.

  • Badgerite

    No matter what trump does, or anyone does, the economy is not going back to normal in the middle of a pandemic. That just isn’t going to happen. The legistlation designed by McConnell clearly is meant to goose the market. They are really dreaming if they think that there will be some kind of great bounce back if they open things up.
    Knowing that you are risking your life to go to the grocery store and that if you get sick you may not be able to get the medical care necessary because the healthcare system is unprepared and overwhelmed tends to put a damper on things. The major economic centers of the country are facing this prospect.
    trump and his people are still not doing what they should have done months ago.
    Gearing up the system to be able to treat those who will get sick from this.
    gop to states. “Drop dead”. That is their new campaign slogan. Literally.

    • Christopher Foxx

      gop to states. “Drop dead”. That is their new campaign slogan.

      Nope. Not new at all.

  • muselet

    Donald Trump wants desperately to go into November presiding over a booming economy. That has been his entire pitch for reelection.

    Viruses don’t give a monkey’s about economics or reelection campaigns. They can’t be bullied or bribed or shouted down. They simply do what they do at the pace they do it.

    This doesn’t suit Trump at all. He wants this unpleasantness to be over so he can crow about the stock market again.

    Eventually, I’m afraid Trump will start firing his medical advisers—starting with Anthony Fauci—in favor of hucksters hawking bogus nostrums on the teevee. If that happens, hang onto your hat, because things will go from bad to worse at lightning speed.

    Donald Trump is unqualified to run a lemonade stand, let alone a country facing a crisis.


    • Christopher Foxx

      If that happens, hang onto your hat, because things will go from bad to worse at lightning speed.

      If When that happens, I sincerely hope the individual reporters will forego everything they’ve learned about “journalism” in the past 25 years, stop looking for a ratings-grabbing narrative, and start calling Trump and Co on their shit. They can’t get away with it if Fox is the only outlet enabling them.

  • katanahamon

    The more I think, the more infuriated I get. Rump’s wishful thinking is beyond dangerous, it’s malicious. He wants to pretend things are fine, move along, nothing to see here, absolutely zero plan. Things could hit the ultimate fan this week, each hour is now critical to the spread and whether we have the supplies needed, and he’s F’ing actively getting in the way. Criminal. Just criminal. People are dying every day now..more and more of them. And we have to see this idiot on tv and his ludicrous tweets.

    • Christopher Foxx

      The tragic irony of it is, Trump could pretty much sew up his reelection chances if he just responded well to this crisis. And that’s not hard to do when the actions to take are so obvious. (Use the Defense Production Act, do the stimulus bill for helping individuals, work with the governors.)

      But that requires a sufficient attention span to listen to what he’s being told, a willingness to believe others know more than you do so should be listened to, and sufficient energy to act on it.

      So, y’know, just not gonna happen.

  • katanahamon

    The market is only a small part of it. The right wing is willing to sacrifice anyone and anything for money and power. Why are we allowing them to control the messaging about the proposed once again bailout of corporate America? Airlines? Really? After the airlines handed out fifty billion to shareholders? We don’t have any idea of what even the near future holds, and the lobbyists are having the biggest payday of their lives. It’s..too..soon to bail out anyone other than workers. And we allow a president to stay in office to kill more of us with his stupid decisions? I hate allowing my darker impulses, but, the ppl dying today are the direct result of a Republican administration, and this president in particular. Argue it’s the virus, but, had President Obama dealt with this, it would be very different.

    • Christopher Foxx

      but, had President Obama dealt with this,

      Not at all wishing he had yet another thing to deal with during his tenure. But I can’t help, at times, wishing this had happened 8 years ago.