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Trump Plans to Screw American Agriculture Yet Again

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump and his advisers are reportedly planning a new wave of executive actions targeting legal immigration and one action said to be in the planning stages stands out to me because it will impact an industry that is already reeling from Trump's other policies.

The goal for [Stephen Miller] and his team is to arm Trump with enough data and statistics by early September to show voters that he fulfilled his immigration promises — even without a border wall or any other congressional measure, said one Republican close to the White House.

Among the fresh ideas being circulated: tightening rules on student visas and exchange programs; limiting visas for temporary agricultural workers; making it harder for legal immigrants who have applied for welfare programs to obtain residency; and collecting biometric data from visitors from certain countries.

Economic losses stemming from Trump's global trade war are already beginning to pile up and, on top of that, Trump may sign an executive order limiting access to the labor force that stocks our shelves and puts food on American tables.

It wouldn't be incorrect to say American farmers are getting what they voted for, but this isn't going to stop at the farmstead. The combination of retaliatory tariffs on American agriculture, Trump's tariffs on metal and farming equipment, and a possible crackdown on legal immigrant labor could lead to fluctuations and price shock at grocery stores across the country.

It may be overlooked, but refugees and asylum seekers also often work in the agriculture industry and Trump has all but stopped accepting both into the country.

I have a hunch that Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort and golf clubs will have no problems gaining approval for temporary worker visas regardless of any executive order Trump signs.

  • Diane

    Demand Trump and his daughter move their business back from China to create more jobs for Americans!!!

  • muselet

    I wonder what form Trump voters’ *ahem* economic anxiety will take next time.

    Actually, I don’t.


  • ninjaf

    Gee, golly! If only an opposition party had predicted that this was going to happen. “Oh, no!” his supporters said. “You can’t take him at his word because he doesn’t mean this stuff literally. You people need to lighten up! Learn to take a joke!”

    Uh huh.

    • Scopedog

      And don’t forget the folks who kept howling about how the opposition party was just as bad, that there was no difference at all because of something something neoliberal shills!

      • Tony Lavely

        And emails. Don’t forget the emails.

  • So far Wall Street, meaning the DOW, has remained relatively impervious to the trade war. However, China announced more retaliatory tariffs in response to Trumpov’s latest barrage. Only problem is they don’t import enough from the US to match the amount of the latest US tariffs. So they announced that they’ll be engaging in “qualitative” action in addition to quantitative action. Meaning all those US businesses who have worked for decades to establish themselves in China will now have government agents all up their butts making it VERY hard for them to do business. Let’s see if Wall Street reacts to this news. I predict that Wall Street and big corporations will finally start to care about the damage Trumpov is doing and the DOW will take a hit. I’m also predicting it’s the beginning of the downhill slide to a recession. If farmers were having a tough time of it before, just wait.

    • JMAshby

      Wall Street is going to pretend things are totally normal until it’s too late, just like they did last time; just like they always do. I mean, there’s also money to be made in a crash.

      Trump’s first round of tariffs on China and their retaliatory tariffs will take effect on July 6th.

      • Aynwrong

        I think the experts on authoritarian/fascist governments will unfortunately be proven correct.

        “The elites will not save us.”

        • No, they won’t. And why would they? They make money no matter what happens, as Ashby notes above.

  • Aynwrong

    After listening to the audio of the children in the detention center internment camp I hope Trump’s tariffs fucking crush Trump’s supporters.

    • I couldn’t listen to it myself. The sound of children crying inconsolably unnerves me too much. Besides my imagination is more than equal to the task.

    • ninjaf

      That little girl trying to convince (and prove to) whomever that she knows her Aunt’s phone number is just heart wrenching. I only listened to it once because more than that seems like disaster porn. Once was all I needed.

      Once was actually more than I needed.

      • Tony Lavely

        “Once was actually more than I needed.”
        This. A hundred times. No, a thousand times.

    • Scopedog

      Narrator: They will.