Trump Promises Farmers Sales That Are Never Coming

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

When Trump announced his fake deal with Mexico on Friday night, Trump also tweeted that Mexico would soon begin buying "large quantities" of American agricultural products from our "great patriot farmers," but those farmers shouldn't hold their breath.

There is no deal that includes new purchases of American agriculture and Mexican officials say they have no idea what Trump is talking about.

From Bloomberg:

Three Mexican officials said Saturday they were not aware of any side accord in the works, and that agricultural trade hadn’t been discussed during three days of negotiations in Washington that culminated in a joint communique late Friday.

The State Department communique issued late Friday -- entitled the U.S.-Mexico Joint Declaration -- also made no mention of agricultural trade as part of the agreement.

The State Department didn’t respond to an inquiry made through its press department. The White House declined to comment or offer proof to back up Trump’s tweet.

So, what exactly was Trump referring to?

I would say Trump was just making shit up, but he now claims that part of his fake "deal" is a secret.

He has claimed that the country agreed to purchase large amounts of U.S. agricultural products as part of the agreement, but Mexican officials say there is no such provision. Trump said on CNBC that the U.S. purposely isn’t discussing one of the aspects of the agreement yet, claiming that it is another “very powerful tool” for the U.S.

If you believe him, I've got some doomsday insurance to sell you.

All of this -- from Trump's fake immigration deal to his empty promises for farmers -- is very reminiscent of the fake "deal' he struck with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in November of 2018. Trump also claimed that China would begin buying larger quantities of American agriculture after their meeting nearly eight months ago but, as you know, that never happened.

Trump eventually increased his tariffs on Chinese goods five months after announcing his fake "deal" with President Jinping and I still believe he will impose tariffs on more Mexican goods after a similar window of time passes.

  • waspuppet

    Welcome to Trump University everybody!

  • muselet

    Donald Trump needs to be seen as having made some hitherto unknown deal as badly as he needs to breathe.

    Let’s face it, there has never been a president who didn’t have an unhealthily large ego: just running for the office means having decided that of all 300+ million US citizens, one is uniquely qualified to run a superpower. Unfortunately, Trump’s outsized ego is combined with a desperate need for affirmation.

    I think the lesson for the future is not to elect a television host to high office.


  • Aynwrong

    If Trump’s “great patriot farmers” really believe he’s coming to their rescue, my advice to them is to start stocking up on supplies now, because winter is coming.

    (Is too late for a Game of Thrones joke?)

    • muselet



  • Draxiar

    1) Make a promise (lie)
    2) Make other people try to keep the promise
    3) When promise can’t be kept blame others
    4) Fire the people that couldn’t keep the promise
    5) Brag about firing people
    6) Promise forgotten
    7) Repeat