Trump Property Management Physically Removed From Panama Tower

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

A corruption scandal that began with reports that the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower in Panama City was little more than a front for organized crime, drugs and money laundering took a major turn today as Trump property staff were finally removed from the tower.

The majority owner of units in the building moved to assume control of the building last month only be forced out by Trump security guards.

The majority owner returned to the tower this morning with a local judge and a dozen police officers to escort Trump staff from the building.

The action took place as a Panamanian judicial official and armed police escorted into the offices the owner of most of the units of the 70-story, Trump-branded hotel in Panama City. The legal dispute involving Trump's company was expected to continue, but Monday's developments meant that Trump had effectively surrendered physical control of the property. [...]

Already the subject of litigation and arbitration complaints, the dispute escalated last month, when the Miami-based [hotel association chief Orestes Fintiklis] came to the property with termination notices for Trump's management team, only to be turned back by Trump security officials.

Now, here is one of the most satisfying videos I've ever seen. It's even more satisfying with sound on as each letter of Trump's name clinks and clanks to the ground.

Fintiklis says he witnessed Trump's staff shredding and destroying documents last week, which is hardly surprising. They wouldn't want authorities to look at documents proving they knew all about the trafficking and money laundering, would they?

I'll be surprised if Trump can resist tweeting or speaking about this in private thus proving that his business interests still weigh heavily on him.

  • muselet

    Will tomorrow morning’s presidential tweetstorm include a threat to declare war on Panama, or will Donald Trump merely whine at length about the cruel unfairness of losing naming rights on the building?


  • Badgerite

    Dump trump. Works for me. Maybe Manuel Noreiga was ahead of his time in terms of US foreign policy objectives.
    Drug and money laundering as governmental policy ‘objectives’ and all.
    I will never forgive the GOP for this. No one should.

    • Claudia

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  • It will be interesting (and satisfying) to see if Trump properties around the world remove his name when he’s festering in prison for money laundering and obstruction.