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Trump Says He’ll Keep the Shutdown Going for Months, Years

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told reports this afternoon that Trump told him he would keeping the government shutdown going for months or even years if he did not receive money for his fantasy border wall.

Trump helpfully confirmed that he said that while speaking in the Rose Garden shortly after Schumer spoke to reporters.

President Donald Trump says that he told congressional leaders the partial government shutdown could go on for months or years. But he said he didn’t think it would. [...]

In the Rose Garden after the meeting Friday, Trump said he wouldn’t end up reopening the closed government agencies until he gets border security. “We have to get a structure built,” he said.

If the shutdown actually continues for a month, let alone multiple months, it will be a disaster for millions of people.

Ironically enough, the border patrol agents Trump claims to revere are currently working without pay and, if this continues for much longer, many could be forced to quit and look for other opportunities.

I don't necessarily care if the border patrol shrinks, but that will not happen in a vacuum. Up to 800,000 federal workers may not be paid because of the shutdown and that's 800,000 people who are not spending money like they normally would. That's going to take a bite out of the economy if it continues as long as Trump says it will.

  • katanahamon

    And we continue to sit on our hands as one insane toddler man plays at being president. I never thought America would even be capable of this..monstrous hypocrisy. How many investigations is Rump up to now, that we know about..17? Gee, maybe impeachment time? Or let one senile fool ruin countless things? At this point folks, it’s on us to do something…

  • muselet

    I’ve seen Righty trolls on various sites insisting the optics—they actually use that word, which means these comments aren’t being left by ordinary people (who don’t use words like “optics” except when talking about their eyeglasses)—of the shutdown make the Ds look bad because Donald Trump was sitting, all alone and lonely, in the White House and ready to make a deal while the Ds were off holidaying in exotic places.

    I see such comments as a sign of growing panic among Trump supporters, probably mostly those headquartered in Moscow.

    The damage Trump is doing is incalculable, especially if the shutdown triggers an economic collapse. I’m thinking of franchising tar-and-feathers stores nationwide; who’s willing to invest?


  • gescove

    I’m pretty sure the Constitution doesn’t have a provision to allow one individual to stop the operation of the government. But it does depend on the co-equal branches to do their effing jobs.