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Trump Shared Fake News With Foreign Diplomats

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Did you hear? An army of bikers is streaming toward our nation's capital to protect Dear Leader Trump from, I don't know, the diabolical liberals. Or something.

That's not really happening, but that's what Trump reportedly told a gathering over nearly 200 foreign diplomats.

Actually, what Trump told them is even more fantastical.

TRUMP: I also want to tell you, you know, so many people are talking about what's going on and now they’ve just announced we're going to have record crowds coming. I saw the bikers for Trump. Boy, they had a scene today. I don't know if I'd want to ride one of those, but they do like me. That's like additional security with those guys. They're rough when they get on that Harley, usually a Harley, made right here in America. And they had a scene today where they had helicopters flying over a highway someplace in this country and they had thousands of those guys coming into town. And let me tell you they are great people. And we are getting -- I think I must have gotten 100% of their votes between the military and the police.

As Buzzfeed explains, what Trump thinks he saw were actually photos of a Toys for Tots rally held in Kentucky last year that pro-Trump morons on social media have cut into a meme for 2017.

The most embarrassing part of this is that the foreign diplomats Trump spoke to probably know better than he does that none of this is real. Or so we hope.

One can easily imagine the risks of having a president who believes everything he sees on social media and fake news sites. Would it really require much effort to fool Trump into believing the nation is under attack or that aliens have landed at Trump Tower? How long it will be before he responds to an international crisis that doesn't actually exist?

According to Media Matters, no permits have been issued for bikers to attend Trump's inauguration.

  • ninjaf

    He is such an embarrassment.

    • Scopedog

      “Embarrassment” is too kind a word. I prefer “a f**king waste of skin” (from Malcolm Tucker in the series The Thick Of It).

    • Badgerite

      He is the UN president. Unfit. Unhinged.

      • ninjaf

        Unpresidented, indeed.

  • muselet

    If Bikers For Trump were a real thing, and “[t]hat’s like additional security with those guys” were really going to happen at the inaugural, Altamont would look like a tea party.

    Great Ghu, what a clown. (I’m guessing that was also the assessment of the diplomats Donald Trump spun his ridiculous tale to.)


  • Draxiar

    How tragic that it’s not just his voters that subjected to and affected by his unmitigated stupidity.

    • Georgie

      I had to point that out to couple facebook people today, I was nice about it, of course I used Snopes which is a liberal tool.

  • Aynwrong

    “Would it really require much effort to fool Trump into believing the nation is under attack or that aliens have landed at Trump Tower?

    The effect that the 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast had on a small community in New Jersey could take place on a global scale. We can only hope that I’m merely being snarky. Light a candle everybody.