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Trump Staffers Say the Debate Was a Disaster, Trump Says He Nailed It

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is a man who cannot admit fault or allow others to fault him under any circumstances.

Some Trump staffers and surrogates have conceded that the first presidential debate did not go well, but Trump reportedly scolded staffers and surrogates during a conference call yesterday, telling them to shut up about his embarrassing faceplant.

In a conference call with surrogates Wednesday afternoon, Trump aides made clear the Republican nominee is upset that his allies publicly acknowledged they pushed him to change his preparation and tactics before his next bout with Hillary Clinton. And he wants them to stop it immediately. [...]

Trump wants his supporters to make an energetic defense of his performance and refuse to concede that he didn't nail it.

The implications of this are quite obvious.

Trump is not going to prepare for the next debate in any meaningful way because he does not personally believe he's done anything wrong. The idea of preparation itself is foreign to Trump because he cannot be coached. He cannot be prepared. No one can talk down to or instruct Trump. Trump believes he was born to win.

Rather than reconsider his own approach, Trump has concocted a series of conspiracy theories to explain his own failure. Trump claims his microphone was rigged to malfunction. He says debate moderator Lester Holt is a secret Democrat who didn't ask fair questions.

This man sitting in the oval office should scare the shit out of everyone. Trump doesn't even listen to his own hand-selected advisers.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    It is really going to suck if Trump wins.

  • ninjaf
  • 1933john

    Yes, Trump did nail his ass to the floor.

  • muselet

    Aides and advisers hoped Trump’s refusal to participate in traditional debate preparation sessions — instead favoring the impromptu, off-the-cuff approach that helped him through the GOP primaries — might be eased after Monday night.

    Don’t count on it, folks.

    One ally described Trump as the kind of guy who can’t simply be told a stove is hot — he has to touch it to see for himself.

    In other words, Donald Trump is a toddler.

    Donald Trump must never be elected President of the United States.


  • Badgerite

    So it was the microphone’s fault that what? The Trump Monster had cocaine nose? What a surprise.

  • Nefercat

    This is excellent, though hardly surprising, news.