Trump University is Coming to a Public School Near You

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Despot-elect Donald Trump continued to drain the swamp today by filling the swamp with more alligators.

Trump has reportedly selected billionaire Amway heiress Betsy DeVos to serve as secretary of education and DeVos has accepted.

The National Education Associated has already released a statement opposing DeVos.

“We believe that the chance for the success of a child should not depend on winning a charter lottery, being accepted by a private school, or living in the right ZIP code," said Lily Eskelsen García, president of the National Education Association. "We have, and will continue, to fight for all students to have a great public school in their community and the opportunity to succeed no matter their backgrounds or circumstances."

In a statement, Trump said he chose DeVos because she's a passionate advocate for "school choice" which, when properly translated, means she's in favor privatizing virtually all public education.

Betsy DeVos married into the Amway fortune family which has donated heavily to GOP candidates and causes. She has never been a teacher, never worked in education, or even held public office. DeVos's brother is Eric Prince, the founder of the Blackwater private security firm that we all remember from the darkest days of the Iraq war.

With all of that said, it will be difficult for Trump and DeVos to radically transform education in every state. Years of legal challenges, strikes, and conflicts with established law are coming. States that are still controlled by Democrats will likely file challenges to whatever the despot-elect's administration tries to push on them.

  • Wookie Monster

    Amway and Blackwater. Trump had to look hard to find someone whose family is involved in sleazier businesses than his own, but he did it.

    And to top it all off, she’s an advocate for dismantling public education.

  • swift_4

    I can’t believe we’re going to have to go here, but if they pass federal laws about education, we’d have to fight them with the 10th Amendment and start shouting “States’ rights!” like a bunch of ignorant right wingers.

    Blue states better be prepared to fund their schools by themselves, though. Because Republicans would love any excuse to yank federal funding from “teh libtards”.

    • Wookie Monster

      They’re going to try to yank that funding anyway. Might as well make them fight for it.

  • Aynwrong

    Police departments are usually under the control of someone from within the ranks. Same with fire departments. The Justice Dept is usually under the control of an attorney. But teachers get to look up a spoiled silver spoon, nepotism case with no experience at all in their chosen profession or even public service. So I guess we all just sit back and wait for this fucking blue blood to for the education of children what her brother did for private security in a war zone. Turn into a globally recognized pariah with hopefully less bloodshed. Hopefully.

    Perfect. Just perfect.

  • muselet

    She has never been a teacher, never worked in education, or even held public office.

    In other words, Betsy DeVos is a perfect fit for a Trump administration: ignorant and unqualified. (Yes, it’s possible for someone without a formal background in a particular field to be a powerful advocate. However, a cabinet secretary should be expected to have at least some minimal familiarity with his/her department’s remit.) The only thing surprising about this is that he didn’t nominate Michelle Rhee.

    SEE: every piece Charlie Pierce has written on the “School Reform” scam.


    • Christopher Foxx

      Michelle Rhee: “Interestingly many colleagues warned me against [meeting Trump]. They are wrong. Mr. Trump won the election. Our job as Americans is to want him to succeed. Wishing for his failure would be wanting the failure of our millions of American children who desperately need a better education.

      Yes, he won the election. But that does not mean we must fall in line and want him to succeed. His failure to do what he wants will mean millions of Americans get better education, keep their healthcare, don’t lose their civil rights, etc etc etc

      The “We have to try to work with him” attitude has got to go.

      • Aynwrong

        This “wishing for the success of…” feel good faux patriotism has been all but illegal for the last eight years. Fuck these people.


        • muselet

          I agree with the sentiment, but obstruction is only acceptable if the Rs do it. If the Ds try, there won’t be a news outlet in the country that won’t blast them for being unreasonable sore losers.


          • Aynwrong

            The hell with those news outlets too.

          • Christopher Foxx


            I mean, you’re probably right. The press will most likely continue to print the lies of the right and the left will probably continue to not object to it.

            The Dems do have a habit of buckling the moment they think someone might say something mean about them. I just hope “I guess we should let the Republicans pass their destructive agenda because if we try to stop them the press will say nasty things about us” isn’t their stand this time around. There’s too much at stake.

          • muselet

            Our glorious news media bought into the whole “Republicans are the grown-ups, Democrats are the whiny kids” malarkey decades ago. That’s not going to change any time soon.

            Our glorious news media also go into a defensive crouch whenever the Right squawks about thebiasedliberalmedia! and advances a brainless false equivalence (Donald Trump’s so-called foundation looks like a money-laundering scheme, but the Clinton family also has a foundation! Trump can’t order breakfast without lying, but Hillary Clinton didn’t announce she had pneumonia for 48 hours! Just the same!) to make themselves a smaller target. That’s not going to change any time soon, either.

            Because of those two things, our glorious news media have not said boo about R obstruction of every policy initiative coming from the White House since January of 2009. They’ve sorta kinda hinted occasionally that something’s different, but they’ve left it to others to come right out and say what the Rs are doing.

            If the Ds obstructed the same way the Rs have, the Rs would throw a fit and our glorious news media would generate endless reports and discussions and think-pieces on how the Ds had the bad taste to destroy the comity of the Congress and had childishly broken the system because they’re unreasonable sore losers.

            I have no earthly idea what the answer to all this is. Ds can explain calmly and in detail exactly what the past eight years have been like, but it won’t help; and if the Ds get angry and start shouting, they’ll be dismissed as whiny kids.

            As far as the Ds “buckling,” someone has to be the actual grown-ups and try to keep the country running, and it sure as hell ain’t gonna be the Rs. As ever, the Ds will be looking for initiatives they can support—at least in theory—and modify to be less blatantly horrible, because the alternative actually is the Rs’ agenda, only pure and unalloyed.

            Alas, it looks like we’re kind of stuck with the Ds, the Rs and our glorious news media playing the same roles they have as long as I can remember. (It’s possible—not likely, but possible—Donald Trump will be so obviously terrible as President that our glorious news media will feel obligated to break with tradition and do their bleedin’ job. I’m not holding my breath.)


      • muselet

        Michelle Rhee is a grifter, and that quote sounds like she thinks Donald Trump is a perfect mark. Alas, she’s probably right.

        And I agree that it is not “our job as Americans” to blindly follow Trump off the cliff. Luckily, the Rs aren’t united about much other than lowering taxes on the rich, so the infighting may slow things down a bit.. Fingers crossed.


      • Wookie Monster

        When republicans win the election, the rest of us are supposed to just roll over and die.

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    Less education = more future Republicans.

    • Scopedog

      Yep. They want the Idiocracy to happen. Bastards.