Election 2018

Trump Will Campaign For Himself in 2018

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Good news -- Trump plans to campaign for vulnerable Republicans during the upcoming campaign season.

According to the Washington Post, congressional Republicans made a presentation during their recent meeting with Trump at Camp David that more or less made the case that they're on track to lose control of Congress.

That reportedly prompted Trump to say he'll campaign for them.

The concern has grown so acute that Trump received what one congressional aide described as a “sobering” slide presentation about the difficult midterm landscape at Camp David last weekend, leading the president to pledge a robust schedule of fundraising and campaign travel in the coming months, White House officials said. [...]

In the Camp David presentation, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) described scenarios to the president ranging from a bloodbath where Republicans lost the House “and lost it big,” in the words of one official, to an outcome in which they keep control while losing some seats.

I say this is good news because we know it will be all about him. Trump will make every race he interferes in about himself.

Moreover, if he does more than raise money for these Republicans -- if he actually holds rallies for them -- there's a very high chance he'll say something extremely bad on their behalf. Trump recently took it upon himself to interfere in Alabama's special election and we ended up with the first Democratic senator from Alabama in nearly three decades.

And the year is young. There are still so many things Trump can fuck up between now and next November. We just saw a week in which Trump finally crossed a line that prompted most of the press to openly admit he is a racist.

  • ninjaf

    Of course he will campaign for them. That’s much more fun for him than doing his actual god damned job. Glad he is donating his Presidential salary because he sure as hell hasn’t earned it.

  • fry1laurie

    Drumpf still has one big role to play, the man the media can’t get enough of. And the shitstorm surrounding his campaigning for GOP in 2018 will consume all media coverage again, leaving little or no free media coverage for Democrats.Worked like a charm in ’16, and could do so again.

  • Victor the Crab

    Don’t get giddy, Ash. I remember you boasting just 14 months ago that there was absolutely no way Drumph would beat Hillary for the presidency. How the fuck did THAT go, hmmmm?

    All normals have been chucked aside since Drumph threw his obese weight onto the political stage. And while it’s still young in the year, the same disasters can befall the Democrats in November because they have proven time and again they can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Especially if the whinny Bernie Bums stay home or vote a third party on election night because the Democrats didn’t give them the perfect candidates of their dreams.

    • JMAshby

      If not for the Comey letter, Hillary Clinton would probably be president right now. The election was decided by less than 1 percent.

      I didn’t see that coming and I said as much over a year ago.

      The big difference between now and then is that we actually know what a Trump administration looks like now and over 30 House Republicans are retiring or leaving their seats. In any case, I haven’t said Democrats are absolutely going to regain control of Congress in 2018, but the odds are good.

      And I’m not giddy. The only thing I get giddy for is Star Wars and indictments of Trump officials. I’m a lot of fun at parties.

      • Victor the Crab

        Be that as it may, you were still wrong. She lost. Never assume what the outcome of any American election would be in this Drumph environment we’re living in.

        • Yeah, pretty sure almost everyone was wrong. Even the Trump campaign thought they were going to lose.

          Comey deserves to burn in hell (if there was one).

          • ninjaf

            Along with the Bernie Bros, “Both Parties are the Same”ers, those who stayed home because they thought it was a shoe in, and members of the Obama coalition who stayed home because they weren’t “excited” enough to vote for Hillary.

            Change any one of those factors, and we have a different outcome of the election and avoid this monstrosity of a presidency all together.

        • ninjaf

          The election results were within the polling margins of error. The media just chose to ignore those margins when reporting on the likelihood of victory.

          (Not including Ashby in that; just stating something that tends to get lost in the discussion over whether or not anyone “saw it coming.”

          • Ceoltoir

            I’d be willing to bet that there was a massive thumb on the scale as well. Are you trying to say that the 2016 election was free and fair when half a million voters were thrown off the roles weeks before the election in swing states?

          • ninjaf

            I am not saying there were factors that didn’t prevent thousands of people from voting. I am saying that the polling was not as wrong as it is often portrayed to be.

        • ninjaf

          All of the polling I saw had a margin of error starting at around 3%, some going up to ridiculous amounts (8%, if memory serves). The media glossed over the margin of error in all of their prognostication. The official election results were within the margin of error. It was just that tight of a race. A difference of 77,000 in 3 states.

          • Victor the Crab

            All I remember in the months leading up to election night was Ashby telling us Drumph had very very little, if any, chance of winning due to what states he needs to win. Only to wake up the next day and have the EC declare Drumph the winner. Now Ashby’s telling us, along with others, that the Democrats chances of a blue wave in November are extremely high. All I’m saying is don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Anything can happen between now and the midterms. And it can just as easily go badly for Democrats as it has happened before.

          • ninjaf

            We should always vote like every vote will be the deciding vote. It always bites us in the ass when we don’t.

          • Victor the Crab

            Your words to the comfortably complacent ears of the left.

  • muselet

    If Donald Trump does campaign for R congressional candidates, that would be great for late-night comedians (that sound you hear is Stephen Colbert salivating at the prospect). Don’t get me wrong, it would be yet another horrific ride in a glass-bottomed boat through the sewer of Trump’s brain, but watching the expression of the candidate as Trump launches into a fifteen-minute riff on his historic! Electoral College win against Crooked Hillary! would be a hoot.

    Seriously, though, I wonder how effective Trump would be as a fundraiser. He could probably hit up the Kochs and Mercers for some cash, but that would give D candidates free media and material for ads. Every R congressional candidate is going to be tied up in knots for the next couple of months, trying to decide if the pluses outweigh the minuses and if not, just how far and fast to run away from Trump.

    Yeah, I know, Don’t Get Happy! Still, I find the thought amusing.


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  • Draxiar

    I really wonder if when trump announced his effort towards their reelection if they collectively and without a word decided to polish their resume to find a new job.

    • MadJuana

      My first thought was wondering if one could tell by their expressions that their sphincters just twitched.