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(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, the State Department has told the Iraqi government we're preparing to abandon our billion dollar fortress-like embassy in Baghdad because the Iranians are so scary.

“We hope the American administration will reconsider it,” Ahmed Mulla Talal, a spokesman for Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, said Sunday. “There are outlaw groups that try to shake this relationship, and closing the embassy would send a negative message to them.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo notified Kadhimi of the plans Saturday night, according to an official familiar with the matter. Two Western officials in Baghdad said their country’s diplomatic missions had been informed of the plan.

Even thinking of that embassy brought back a lot of mostly-bad memories.

Meanwhile, the British government is preparing new COVID-19 restrictions, including another total lockdown, because Boris Johnson's restrictions predictably didn't go far enough.

Finally, we're looking at our own surge in cases here in the United States.

Cases grew by nearly 9% nationwide compared with a week ago, moving just above 44,300 new cases on average as of Sunday, according to Hopkins data.

Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has said for weeks that the U.S. is reporting an “unacceptably high” number of new coronavirus cases every day. The country should aim for daily new cases below 10,000, not around 40,000 as it currently stands, he said.

“There are states that are starting to show an uptick in cases and even some increase in hospitalizations in some states,” Fauci told ABC’s “Good Morning America” in an interview aired on Monday. [...]

Wisconsin reported a record 2,817 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, according to Hopkins data. The state has reported four consecutive days of more than 2,000 new Covid-19 cases as of Sunday — a first for Wisconsin since the beginning of the pandemic.

It's wild that it's almost October and some areas are setting new records higher than they saw when the pandemic began. And, you know, maybe that's why it's happening. Maybe people just don't understand until it hits their doorstep. Some people don't think it's real, or believe they don't need to take it seriously, because it only affected other people in other areas before.

And there's Trump who was out there just last week saying the virus affects "nobody."

  • katanahamon

    So, another, yes, another of the “really great people” Rump hired has gone batshit. Brad Parscale, the “ex” campaign manager guy, apparently attacked his own wife, evidence of bruises photographed by police, loaded up his guns, threatened to take himself out (no such luck of course) or some such, and was tackled, detained, (all while wearing shorts, no shirt and apparently holding a beer..guess he put it down before being tackled to the ground..he truly became “Florida Man”) and was then committed to a Florida hospital for observation. I was really shocked there seems to be zero coverage on this..I guess Rump really does have some sort of Teflon coating..pick any single one of the issues that have come up in just the last seven days, and I believe that any past president or candidate for president would have been impeached instantly, or drummed out of a presidential race in disgrace. But Rump? Nope..he just keeps on keepin’ on..

    Abandoning the embassy was probably a request from Vladimir.

  • Aynwrong

    Reading about Iraq is still infuriating to this day. To read that the party that was hell bent on driving us to war in that country can now barely be bothered with it is maddening. Especially because I and we all know that anything that goes wrong there will instantly be blamed on “The Liberals.”

    The administration has responded to the pandemic with the strategic deftness and clarity and honesty that well, the Bush administration managed the invasion and occupation of Iraq with and it still won’t be the landslide that all of this should have guaranteed because all the idiots who adore him and the whores that enable him are as devout and/or venal as they were in 2016.

    I know that we are here because this is where the Conservative movement and the GOP has been pushing us for decades and yet I still sometimes ask myself “How in God’s name did we get here?”

    • Wildson

      Because people don’t vote, or act like Susan Sarandon and say “both sides are just the same” bullshit…