Trump’s Border Troops Ordered to Remove The Wire They Deployed

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Active duty service members were deployed to our southern border under Operational Political Stunt and their only clear mission was to string miles of razor wire along the border. And since completing that mission several weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday, the troops still stationed there haven't done anything new except remove the wire.

Border patrol officials recently told local civilian officials that they would ask the military to remove the wire when it's appropriate and, according to ABC News, they've now removed a couple miles of it.

U.S. Army soldiers have removed barbed wire along the US-Mexico border in areas where the Trump administration has said more border security measures are needed after local community leaders raised concerns.

About 2 miles of military-grade wire was removed from city land in Laredo, Texas, according to Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officials. The agency ordered the removals after hearing from local elected officials who raised environmental and public safety concerns with the wire running near community parks.

Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz, who leads the Texas Border Commission, said the Trump administration has, in part, used his community to fabricate the threat of migrants traveling north.

I don't want to laugh because everything about this is wrong, but I can't help it.

I mean, there are substantiated reasons to remove the wire while there were no good reasons to deploy it in the first place. Some of the service members deployed to the border have been rotated home, but I assume at least a few members of the original mission are still there and some of them have now been asked to remove the wire they deployed.

The Trump regime has done a lot of stupid things, but this must be near the top.

  • Badgerite

    If anyone wants to see what a farce this was all along just go to Mother Jones online and read the stories of the people who are in that ‘caravan’ and why they made the trip. There is a universal theme there. The drug gangs which have as much to do with the US as any collateral damage of a war waged based on national policy, have killed or will kill them or a family member if they stay and the drug cartels own the police. For these law abiding people, there is no police presence. Their only recourse is to stay and die or watch their loved one be killed or to leave and seek asylum. They travel in a group, ‘caravan’, for the same reason. Safety in numbers. They do not intend to “rush the border”. They are seeking asylum and a new life. A lawful life. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They are just like us. There is no difference. Just like our ancestors who fled here. Seeking the same things. trump and his enablers have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on a show with the excuse of some alleged ‘military necessity’ that does not exist. And now they complain that there is not the money provided to process asylum seekers without allowing a young girl to die of dehydration in their custody.
    Any Christian who says they are fine with this is no Christian. And any American who says they are fine with this is …..
    “deplorable”. Certainly this treatment of people is “deplorable”. That is what Hillary Clinton meant. And she was right.
    Anyone who doubts that should watch last nights Rachel Maddow segments about “Lock her up” Flynn. What he did and what he intended to do in his official position was treason. Selling out American foreign policy for power and money.
    It is that simple with him. In the end, I think Michael Flynn was perfectly capable of fomenting and being part of a coup here in the US. (See Seven Days in May ) And I think somewhere down the line, in the position of power that trump would have placed him in, that could easily have happened. Flynn may have been of enormous help to the Special Counsel’s investigation, but that is because he is guilty as sin and such a traitor that he was in on the worst of the conspiracy. He was the one charged with getting Putin his quid pro quo for the Russian intelligence effort to get these guys in power. Charged with covering for Putin and Russian intelligence while they continued infiltration of and undermining of US security. At home and abroad. And the sale of policy and US interests was not just to Putin.
    It was to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc. Mohammad Bin Salman felt free to sadistically murder Jamal Khashoggi because he was assured that the current occupants of the executive branch would take no action against him and would actually do anything they could to cover for him. They are currently trying to buy Erdogen’s agreement to not release the recordings of the killing of Khashoggi in exchange for turning over to him another American resident who advocates for a more liberal and tolerant brand of Islam in Turkey.
    And trumpers are afraid of a desperate parent and his pre-school child. FFFFFF them and their ignorance and bigotry.
    And their heartless cruelty.

  • muselet

    It’s too bad nobody seems to have paid attention to David Horsey’s brilliant solution.

    (Apologies, but Disqus is being a right pain in the arse about me uploading images. It thinks I’m not logged in for some reason.)


  • 1933john

    Who sells wire?

  • Ceoltoir

    But the Republican party and the lying treasonous hypocritical gasbag they blindly worship didn’t have to pay for the political stunt out of pocket, so they don’t care.