Trump’s Business Brands May Be Imploding

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The New York Times conducted dozens of interviews with now former Trump customers and even cashiers to gauge what effect Trump's campaign has had on his business interests.

At least one travel company revealed that bookings for Trump hotels have dropped off a cliff and one cashier says returns of Trump merchandise have become routine.

An online travel company, Hipmunk, has found that bookings for Trump hotels on its site fell 58 percent during the first half of 2016, compared with the same period a year ago. Eric Danziger, the chief executive of Trump Hotels, said that data from sites like Hipmunk “does not provide an accurate representation of our performance." [...]

Ryan Whitacre said he was simply following company policy at a Marshalls clothing store in central Ohio when he asked a woman why she was returning an Ivanka Trump shirt this summer. “She told me she didn’t want to support that name,” he recalled.

“They want to get that name away from them as much as they can,” Mr. Whitacre added.

The Times found a few nuggets of good news for Trump as well, but those instances seem to be outweighed by overwhelmingly negative news.

Conducting these types of interviews is necessary because Trump's businesses and brands are not publicly traded companies and do not transparently report their earnings and losses. Furthermore, you can't take Trump's business's word for anything and his companies have filed for bankruptcy four times in the past.

There could be a great amount of Trump merchandise found in the clearance section and bargain bins this holiday season.

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    Conducting these types of interviews is necessary because Trump’s businesses and brands are not publicly traded companies and do not transparently report their earnings and losses.

    It’s quaint that you think he’d report transparently even if he were publicly traded.

  • Aynwrong

    I wonder if it’s possible that years (possibly decades) from now Trump merchandise will become valuable collectors items, secretly squirreled away in somebody’s racist uncle’s attic that will be sporadically discovered from time to time and sold for a fair amount on the black market or owned by some eccentric right wing Texas (where else?) oil magnate who privately shows them off to friends and family?

    Ya know, like Nazi memorabilia.

    • mnpollio

      One can only hope. Even better, he goes broke, his merchandise is deemed forever worthless, turns to dust and no one notices. I sincerely hope his brand never recovers because the last thing his brood (a.k.a American Psychos 1, 2, 3, etc.) needs is a hand-out by way of inheritance. After all, don’t conservatives subscribe to the old start out with nothing, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and magically become a self-made success blather? I say let’s see the Trumps have a shot at it.

  • muselet

    This news makes me very happy. It shouldn’t, but it does.


    • Christopher Foxx

      Why shouldn’t it? People are rejecting Trump. That’s a good thing.

      • muselet

        Two reasons:

        1) Donald Trump makes sure he gets paid even if no one else does. That means everybody in Housekeeping, all the desk clerks, everybody in Maintenance, all the valet parkers, all the bellmen, all of them, they lose tips, they may lose hours and they may very well lose their jobs. That’s nothing to celebrate.

        2) Schadenfreude makes my teeth itch.


  • swift_4

    These bookings are rigged! RIGGED I tell you!

  • Georgie