Ethics Fraud

Trump’s Charity Lies Might Have Been Illegal

We all know the Republican presidential nominee has repeatedly lied about his non-existent charitable donations, but those lies might have actually been illegal.

Over many years Trump has claimed that proceeds from his business ventures, even his failed Trump Vodka business, would be donated to charity, but that never actually happened. Because Trump claimed proceeds from these businesses would be donated to charity, this could be considered deceptive business acts and practices in New York and other states.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office told Politico that they haven't decided yet if Trump will be investigated, but they are taking it seriously enough to theorize how he might be charged.

Referring to Trump’s claims about his “Crippled America” book profits, a spokesman for Schneiderman’s office said that the law against deceptive business practices was a more likely avenue of pursuit than the charitable solicitation law. But he added that lawyers at the attorney general’s office had not yet decided whether to look into the matter. [...]

At an October campaign stop in Iowa, Trump plugged the upcoming release of the book, saying, “With everything else I’m writing books. This was the last thing. But it was a lot of money that’s going to go to charity, and frankly, I think the title is amazing.”

Schneiderman's office is currently handling the Trump University case so their hands are full, but it's plausible they could investigate and pursue charges against Trump for repeatedly lying about donations to charity. Schneiderman has clearly demonstrated that he's capable and willing to go after Trump.

  • Some dumbass was arrested this week for attempting to assassinate Trump. The last thing we need is a martyr to spur Republicans to the polls behind someone less moronic than Trump.

    • Oh good FSM, that’s all we need. We need to let Trump go out in flames all on his own.

      Edited to add: He’s not a US citizen, he’s from Britain, overstayed his visa, was homeless, not the most stable of individuals, then again, what kind of political assasin ever is?

  • Draxiar

    But JM Ashby, his hat states he wants to make America great…doesn’t that count for something?
    *snark snark*

    • If you define “great” as “being victimized by a con artist” then, yes, he will make it “great” again. 🙂

  • fry1laurie

    What’s “amazing” is that he was never caught before.

    • Badgerite

      Apparently that fact has led him to believe that he can get away with continual lies. Like when he denies saying something that he is on video clearly saying. Trump. Continual lies all the time.
      I can’t believe the GOP is serious with this guy. But….. they have had a propensity to nominate any empty suit or skirt they think can sell their bullshit.