Trump’s Clubs Reject Most American Applicants, Hire Guest Workers

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

American employers who want to hire foreign guest workers are required to at least attempt to hire Americans before the Labor Department will approve temporary visas, but records reviewed by Buzzfeed News show that Trump's clubs and resorts have rejected applications from dozens of Americans.

Although Trump's clubs complied with weak requirements for advertising open positions, records show that they only hired 1 American out of 58 who applied for the positions that would eventually be filled by foreign guest workers.

[Government] records obtained by BuzzFeed News reveal for the first time that at least 58 US workers applied for the temporary jobs as cooks, servers, and housekeepers at Mar-a-Lago and other Trump resorts from early 2014 through mid-2018.

Only one of them appears to have been hired. [...]

The one US resident who these records indicate was hired got a job at Mar-a-Lago, in 2015, as a cook earning $13.01 per hour. The outcome for two additional applicants was listed only as “TBD.”

These records include the Mar-a-Lago, Trump's golf club in nearby Jupiter, Florida, and his golf club in New Jersey.

It does not seem like a stretch to me to assume that an investigation of every other Trump property in the country would turn up similar results.

I don't necessarily enjoy calling this out because I don't personally see a big problem with hiring foreign guest workers for these positions, but I'm not Donald Trump. I haven't staked my entire regime on racist anti-immigration rhetoric and policies.

The Trump Organization all of Trump's various business ventures represent everything the 'economically anxious' supposedly voted for him to cure; from the corruption to the hiring of foreign workers and even workers off the street.

  • muselet

    Did anyone else have the thought that the Trump Organization hired guest workers because they were less likely than Americans to call the local Health Department (or OSHA)? And that guest workers were more likely to sign a nondisclosure agreement?

    It’s really hard not to be cynical after reading a story like this.


    • Draxiar

      My first thought, snarky though it is, was that trump is “stealing jobs from Americans”. Y’know, what every redhat claims immigrants are doing.

      • muselet

        Yep, I had that thought, too.


    • waspuppet

      Of course that’s what’s going on. That, and you can pay them less.

      But our “liberal” media talk for weeks about how Bernie Sanders has money or John Edwards got a haircut because it’s “hypocritical.” There hasn’t been a word on TV about this that I can see.

  • simpfan

    If Trump thinks immigrants are all murderers and rapists, then he is someone who has no problem hiring murderers and rapists.